Yoga Poses That Burn Fat

Yoga Poses That Burn Fat

There are Yoga Poses you can do for anything. You can do yoga for depression, fatigue, fitness, asthma, back pain, high blood pressure…you name it. Regardless of the treatment you seek, they all lead to a stronger, flexible, healthier you. This post is for focusing on yoga poses that burn fat.  Fat is one of the most difficult areas of the body to target. However, many do not realize how effective yoga is in targeting these areas due to the firing of muscles on all cylinders and the increase in metabolism. Still, if you are not doing the right poses, you will not get the results you are looking for. With this being the case, I put together a simple routine that will destroy those fat cells. The best part about these poses is they are simple and can be done without taking up your whole day. So let’s carve that body into a strong, lean, fat-burning machine!


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Yoga Poses That Burn Fat

Down Dog Split

Start in a downward-facing dog pose.  Focus on keeping your legs completely straight with your heels pressing into the floor. Keep your leg straight as you lift it and your foot firmly flexed as though you are pressing your foot against the wall behind you.

Half Crowlift

From the Down Dog Split pose, start by raising your chest and moving your weight forward while lowering your leg and bending your knee to the outside of your arm. Make the movement slow and controlled with steady breathing.

Knee To Forehead

This one takes some flexibility so you may have to work into it. Similar to the Half Crowlift, you will start in the down dog split and slowly lower your leg.  As you lower, raise your stomach and hips and arch your back. Bring that knee toward your forehead keeping those toes pointed and tummy tightened.  Your chin should be tucked toward the chest.

Warrior III

This one is more focus and balance than flexibility. You will feel everything engaged to hold the pose which is great for burning fat and firing up all those engines. Starting in the down dog split, make your arms, back, and leg perpendicular to the floor while balancing on one leg. Do this by raising your arms off the ground and shifting the weight onto the foot you want to be balancing on while lifting the other leg for balance and weight. At the same time you will be bringing your torso forward. Move until everything is perpendicular to the floor with arms reaching forward and foot flexed as though pressing on a wall.

This is a routine you can do four times a week. Start on your right side and then do them on your left as we all have two arms and legs and need to take care of both. Doing both sides makes for one set. Do three sets before moving on to the next pose in the order listed. Hold the poses for 5-10 slow breaths. Then go back to starting position and do the move again for only one slow breath six more times and then hold for 5-10 breaths again. These exercises may only be a few, but they will test you and trigger your body to go into fat burning mode. If you would like to know more about burning fat, you can check out the foundations to burning fat on my Skinny Nut page. If you would like to know more about other poses that are great for targeting fat and putting your metabolism into “TURBO” click below.

Yoga Burn ChallengeYoga Poses That Burn Fat


  1. That is one thing that I love about yoga, that it can be used for many things like for stress, fatigue, fitness, asthma, back pain, high blood pressure. There are so many poses for the beginner to the advanced practitioner. Thanks for pointing out some great poses. I love the down dog, the name is great too. I will practice Yoga more this year to help me with my low back also. Great post!

    • Yoga does wonders for lower back pain. Much of the pain we get from our lower back is surprisingly connected to week and tight legs. Yoga targets these areas to bring strength and circulation into those areas and will take away that lower back pain for good. If you take it slow and work into your yoga this year, I think you will have a different pain free back in no time! Thanks!!!

  2. Interesting info. I was enjoying yoga for several years but has no idea that it has special poses for fat burning. Hopefully, this information will bring more people to yoga, because it offers a lot of other benefits as well! Thank you!

    • Totally, and what is so awesome is that it is also so healthy for you as well. You’ll get better circulation and be more flexible along with a toner body. There is even the mental calmness it provides to help with stress. It really should be a part of everyone’s routine in some way.

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