The Yoga Burn Challenge

The Yoga Burn Challenge

Website: Yoga Burn Challenge

Price: $37

Guarantee: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Creator: Zoe Bray Cotton

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

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Yoga Burn Challenge, Overview

Yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight and get into shape. The Yoga Burn Challenge was created by instructor, personal trainer, and female body transformation specialist Zoe Bray Cotton. It is a 12-week program designed to burn fat as well as tone and firm your body.Yoga Burn Challenge

The 12 weeks are divided up by 3 phases that are created to take you successfully from beginning to end. Each phase lasts for 4 weeks, and each week contains 4 workouts that come with videos and tutorials. The workouts are only 15 minutes each and they loop 3 times making your workouts 45 minutes each time.

This brings a solid yoga experience that is sure to bring all the benefits you can get from an effective yoga session. Plus you will get the added increased fat burn and power from decisively created program to transform your body.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is focused on building the Foundational Flow that will take you through the rest of the challenge. It’s a great intro that focuses on your form, breathing, and the poses that will lead you through the next phases. You will learn the flow between each pose with step-by-step instruction. By the end of Phase 1 you will have learned the basics that will lead you into Phase 2, and will have also triggered an increase in metabolism.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the Transitional Flow phase of the program. You will learn how to go pose-to-pose between each one and will have perfected the poses and smoothed the change from one pose to the next. They are all mixed and matched for max calorie burn.

Phase 3

Phase 3 takes you from a traditional yogi and turns on the switch to the Mastery Flow. This is the high-powered, body toning part of the program you have been training for. Even an experienced yogi will find some of these poses trying as they are not just geared for balance and flexibility, but also to build power and tone muscle. You will be targeting key areas that will effectively put your body into fat burning mode.

Bonus Material

Bonus #1 Tranquilty Flow is a 15 minute session that gives you poses for stretching and increased flexibility and relaxation. This is a great one to take with you to de-stress after any workout. It will also teach and deliver to you proper posture while sitting and standing.

Bonus #2  Beginner Flow is a slower pace for total beginners. It takes you through 45 minutes of basic moves that will aid in getting you ready for the challenge ahead. A relaxation session is included.

Bonus #3 Comes full of pose tutorials for beginners. Step-by-step instruction ensures perfect execution and the things to watch out for that can create bad habits that bring on bad posture and hurt your gains.

Where To Buy

You need to go to there official website to buy. There is a lengthy video that goes into detail but they also offer a quick option through to purchase the program if you want. There really is nothing to lose as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which gets you more than halfway through the challenge to decide if it is working or not.

Who Is Yoga Burn For?

This product is focused mainly for women, however, it really can benefit anyone who is into yoga and benefiting with a toner and more flexible body. If you are also someone who is looking for healthy weight loss without any need for supplements like pills and powders this is the answer. Also, it is perfect if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend countless hours in a gym or spend tons of money on other yoga sessions that you have to schedule your entire life around.

Purchase Options

Option #1yoga burn challenge  Gives you a Digital Download that you can take with your wherever you go along with the physical collection. The cost is $37 plus shipping and handling, and comes with a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

Option #2 Statistically you better your chances at success with a partner. That’s why option two gives you two Yoga Burn Challenges at 25% off. You will get 2 digital downloads and 2 physical collections for the discounted price of only $57 plus shipping and handling. Some people pay more for just 1 yoga session, and they don’t give you a 60-day money back guarantee if you and your other partner aren’t happy.

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Yoga Burn Challenge Benefits

Credibility Zoe Bray-Cotton is legit and a complete professional. She is a highly experienced yoga instructor and knows exactly what she is doing. Not only has she put together a teriffic program, she does them in a way that even a beginner can learn.

Anyone Can Do This It doesn’t matter your age or ability to stretch, Zoe has made this program for anyone, and truly anyone can learn yoga. Don’t let that fool you though. She has also made it extremely challenging for even the experienced yogi which is why it’s imperative that you start at Phase 1 and work to Phase 3.

It Works No magical pill or supplement in general will get you to lose weight (not a healthy one at least). You need to eat right and exercise in a way that boosts your metabolism and triggers your body to go into fat burning mode.

Keep in mind that though you will lose weight and tone up, the muscle gain will also add weight as well. In short you will look and feel healthy and stronger than ever before.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee You have 60 days to figure out if the program is working for you or not. Does your current yoga studio do that?

The Bottom Line

This is a solid program, and if you are looking to get into shape and lose weight, you need not look any further. With all the benefits of the program you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The price will bring blockbuster savings instead of month-to-month payments to your gym’s yoga class or private yoga studio. Plus, you can literally workout anywhere you want…your home, the park, on a beach…you name it. Not to forget to mention you can do this all on your time.

To learn more about burning fat with yoga, check out my post Yoga Poses That Burn Fat. To start your own personal Yoga Burn Challenge click the link below. As always, your feedback and comments are welcome. Just leave a comment below and feel free to follow me and share this link and my many other posts on the list of icons below.

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