The Physical Effects of Diabetes

The Physical Effects of Diabetes

People with diabetes struggle to keep their blood sugar level down because of the failure of the body to produce insulin to turn that sugar into fuel. When the body’s blood sugar increases and remains in this state for too long, it creates a chain reaction of problems derived from damaged blood vessels due to too much glucose in the system causing poor blood flow. This causes many of The Physical Effects of Diabetes to become permanent as well as lethal. If poorly controlled blood sugar levels continue, the body can experience permanent damage and life-threatening conditions including increased risk of stroke, kidney failure, heart disease, and heart attacks. Here are the common Physical Effects of Diabetes.

Failing Sight

The Physical Effects of Diabetes

Blurry vision from damaged blood vessels in the eyes is a common physical effect of diabetes. Damaged blood vessels will increase chances for floaters, cataracts and other problems. The American Diabetes Association reports that 28.5% of adults with diabetes aged 40 or older had damage to the retina that could lead to loss of vision.

Sweet Breath

The Physical Effects of Diabetes

Many would think this a pleasant condition, however, the cause of this is actually a lethal situation. The sweet smell is from the body’s making up for lack of insulin. It is using hormones to turn fat into energy which creates high levels of toxic acids known as ketones. If untreated your body go into diabetic ketoacidosis in which case you must seek medical help immediately.

Dry Skin

The Physical Effects of Diabetes

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels cause the body to lose its fluids faster. The constant need to urinate is a never-ending battle for diabetics with high blood sugar levels. Of course, the body then requires replacement of the liquids, so constant thirst is also present as well. However, one physical issue from the body dropping liquids is that it also means dropping the moisture from the skin which causes problems with dry skin. When I mention dry skin I mean itchy, bleeding, cracked skin. This is most commonly located around the feet but can also be an issue anywhere on the body.

Lack of Energy

The Physical Effects of Diabetes

Struggling to maintain lower levels of sugar in the body leads to kidney and pancreas issues. Essentially your body cannot produce energy from sugar with these parts out of commission. Therefore, extreme tiredness can ensue. This also will disturb your ability to mentally function as well.

Tingles and Pain

The Physical Effects of Diabetes

This may arguably be one of the hardest experiences of diabetes to the body. Over time, high blood sugar levels will lead to nerve damage from restricted blood flow through the body. This usually starts out with a tingling sensation caused by your damaged nerve endings. It begins with the hands and feet and may feel like pins and needles. Over time the pain increases.  When the pain begins to increase is will be constant. This can cause severe physical and mental fatigue from lack of sleep, and emotional distress and anxiety from the constant discomfort. This will continue until the entire nerves are dead and complete numbness of these area ensues.

It’s Not Over

The Physical Effects of Diabetes

Though The Physical Effects of Diabetes are awful and life threatening, they don’t have to be. Controlled sugar levels keep many of these conditions at bay for years. However, even for others that is not enough. That is why a group of doctors have gotten together years ago and created new research to discover the real causes of diabetes and it’s effect on the body in order to reverse and cure the condition. That’s Right…they have used what they have learned to actually not only balance a diabetics blood sugar levels, but actually help the body relearn how to handle its blood sugar levels. If you would like to learn more about their life changing program, you can see my post Beat Diabetes Naturally: The Big Diabetes Lie or you can click here and be taken right to their sight which will tell you all about it.




  1. Wow, I didn’t realize the wide range of effects that can happen to a person affected by diabetes. Reading this article broadened my view on the challenges of diabetes.

    • Thanks Lorri, please do!!! Awareness is huge, and also the fact that it is possible for complete reversal and even living diabetes free is the next huge thing in this post that people need to know about!!!

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