The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies

Product: The Lost Book of Remedies

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The Lost Book of Remedies, Overview

I grew up in the Boy Scouts when I was a kid. I absolutely loved camping and the outdoors and was fascinated with anything that had to do with survival. There is something amazing about being able to treat ailments and even cure diseases with plants that are in your own back door. Just knowing that if you had to survive with nothing, you could, brings comfort and pride. Claude Davis’s book The Lost Book of Remedies is one of the best books for survival tips, or even just herbal solutions from light or severe ailments and diseases.

This book is loaded with herbal medicines and remedies that have been known and proven to work for centuries, but long since forgotten. It even shows you how to grow your own garden full of remedies, and literally have a plant-based pharmacy in your own backyard. The push for modern medicine has caused society to forget these simple plants and herbs that often work better than anything in your local pharmacy. Claude Davis’s mission is to change all of that.

Why aren’t herbal remedies practiced by doctors today you may ask? Well think about it, where is the money for healthcare with remedies that you can get from your backyard? Yet, alternative medicines and herbal remedies are often times way more effective and natural than anything in pharmakeia’s shelf. In fact, some items on their shelves you are paying bongo bucks for are actually those very same plants in your yard.

Who Is Claude DavisThe Lost Book of Remedies

Claude Davis is a proclaimed survival expert, who, with over 30 years experience in herbal medicines and remedies, believes nature has a cure for everything. If you were in a real life Gilligan’s Island situation, you would want Claude to be your professor.

His main drive and passion is to repair the damage of society’s being disconnected from the ways of natural medicine versus toxic drugs. His goal is to equip readers with the survival techniques and skills to survive any disaster in the horizon.

One of his biggest realizations is that if a real life crisis were to appear, modern medicine would be the first thing to go off the shelves, and after that you are on your own.

Why Should You Use Herbal RemediesThe Lost Book of Remedies

However you term it, herbal remedies, natural remedies, alternative medicine, natural cures, they are all the same. The biggest reason Why You Should Use Herbal Remedies is that these treatments are made with natural ingredients and non-toxic.

They are simple items like herbs, fruits, and veggies which are readily found around any home or local forest. They do not use harsh chemicals, often do not cost any money, and because of their natural origin, usually do not have side effects.

As more and more clinical research is discovering that nutrients in foods we eat everyday have naturally occurring properties with healing effects that cure common ailments, people are starting to leave expensive modern medicine and synthetic drugs for the more cheaper and healthier alternative.

The Lost Book of RemediesHerbal remedies are often far more effective at curing many ailments, and there effects last much longer that modern medicine. For instance, when it comes to the overuse of antibiotics, natural remedies have it totally beat. Antibiotics will attack bad bacteria, but also take down the good bacteria too. This usually prolongs sicknesses and infection. But with the use of natural herbal remedies, often times an ailment is cured much faster with no side effects. This is just one small example.

I can testify that when I was down with influenza A, everybody I knew was out with it for over a week. This thing was bad…it was even killing kids and elderly that year. My wife used herbal remedies, and would rub my feet and give me drinks and diffusers. Within just three days I was already back on my feet. The best thing about natural remedies is there are remedies for everything, and literally hundreds to discover.


You can get The Lost Book of Remedies with its over 100 different types of remedies for $37 with $8.99 Shipping and Handling. If you just get the digital version you don’t have to pay shipping.

It comes with a 60-day money-back return policy, so there really is nothing to lose to try it out. If it proves to you (like it will) that it works, it’s money well spent. However, if for some reason it doesn’t, you get your money back. Once you click on any links on this page, you will see a very informative video. After it plays for a few minutes, the link to purchase pops up.

You can chose the digital copy, the digital and physical copy, or the physical copy. The options containing the physical copy come with a fee for shipping and handling.

You also get free access to the member area where you can even as Claude himself, advice on herbal medicines. You will also get two bonus books. The first bonus is the Every Day Disaster Medicine Guidebook which helps guide you when medicine is not on the way. The other bonus book is The Eighty Square-Feet HCTF Medicinal Garden which will help you have all the plants you will need right in your back yard.

Who Will Benefit

Everyone can benefit from this book. With it being completely natural remedies, there are very few people who would not be able to use this. In fact, there is more than likely a remedy for anyone’s condition who couldn’t use certain remedies in this book.

Pros and Cons

The pros for The Book of Lost Remedies is endless. It’s completely natural, it’s affordable with it’s money-back return policy, it’s legit and more effective than modern drugs, comes in a digital version, and comes with the ability to contact Claude with any questions or specific remedy needs.

Some cons are that not every plant in the book is local to everyone’s environment. It does cost money to get, and you have to watch a cheesy video before you buy. However, I personally found the video very informative.

The Bottom Line

I was in the Boy Scouts for over a decade, and I didn’t learn half the survival techniques and remedies contained in this one book. Whether you are a prepper, or are interested in more natural and effective solutions than modern medicine, The Book of Lost Remedies is a must on any shelf. So do yourself a favor and click the link below to get yours.

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    • I agree! They can be VERY effective. I wasn’t really super into it until my wife though. When she started using some of these types of remedies, I thought she was silly. However, after witnessing how some of these were way better than whatever medicine I was taking, I started to listen and look into it more. What can I say……she was right!

  1. Your website is right up my alley! I live in Alaska and have studied and taught about our wild edible and medicinal plants for a number of years. I’ve published a couple of books about wild plants. I have always felt that by learning, using, and preserving the knowledge about wild plants I’m doing something worthwhile for the world. This information needs to be saved and carried forward. So glad to see you carrying the banner!

    • Thanks! I do find it important to remember these types of things. It is a lost art and it is being lost. The sad thing is many of these things are not hokey and actually work often times better than any prescription or toxic medical alternative. I’d like to look at the books you have published. What are their titles?

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