The Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass

The Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass

Building muscle is a simple concept. Really any devoted person can workout and get muscle. However, there are ways to increase results and get gains faster and healthier. To ensure that you are on the right track, I have listed The Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass.

These tips are pretty much foundational practices among all serious bodybuilders. Chances are if you are not doing them already, you are missing out. Don’t feel bad though…many people do things that slow progression or bring poor results.

If someone tells you that they learned all they needed and can go no further, they are a fool. Bodybuilding is an endless journey of learning all about nutrition, exercises, and overall health. With all this said, if you want to get a head start and do things right, then read on.

Increase Calorie Intake

You cannot just lift more weights and gain more muscle. At a certain p0int those muscles are going to peak to where they can grow no more. You got to Increase Calorie Intake to gain more mass.

If you are already lifting and have noticed a plateau in your gains, you may be at the limit based on your food consumption. Keep in mind, what you eat is drastically going to change your results.

How you get your calories is probably the most important foundation to building muscle. You can build on a solid foundation or a weak foundation. Poor food consumption, even if its enough calories to gain, will bring slower gains and more chance for injury and health problems down the road.

However, if you eat high nutritional foods along with high quality supplementation, you will get some serious gains from your workout alone. The more nutritional foods and calories you throw into that, the more quality mass you are going to develop. You will feel great, look great, and those muscles are going to be rock hard. Don’t fear carbs either. For leaning up it’s what you want, but for muscle, you need those carbs big time.

Work A Muscle Group At A TimeThe Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass

Most people like to do full body workouts every other day for a routine. For a nice well-balanced build with some nice definition, this is a great way to go. However, if you want to make killer gains you need to really beat down those muscles and then let them rebuild.

Start by focusing only on one area like chest and arms, then the next workout day do back and shoulders, and for the final workout day that week do glutes and legs. Just really go in and give it all you got on those days. While you work your arms and chest, they will be rebuilding all week and get tons of rest. The same will go for the other workout days as well. By the time you hit them up that next week they will be bigger and totally repaired, and allow you to lift and go further than before.

Another option is to focus on one group all week, doing 2-3 workout days like a Monday and Thursday workout week or a Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout week. Week 1 can be chest and arms, week 2 can be Back and shoulders, and so on.

Don’t Overwork MusclesThe Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass

Whatever you do, Don’t Overwork Muscles! I understand that recent research shows that the more you workout and stress the muscles, the more mass you’ll get. However, I would argue that there is a point where this would become counterproductive as muscles need time to rebuild and keep strong.

Over stressing muscles for too long can lead to torn muscles and/or worse. If an injury like that happens, at minimum you could consider yourself lucky to only have to take yourself out of the game for a while. The worst outcome would be causing permanent damage and your bodybuilding days are numbered. So I guess the question then arises…even if overworking muscles produces the best results…is it worth the risk?

Workout The LegsThe Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass

Everyone gets so caught up on getting that bulging chest that they either neglect or forget to Workout The Legs and lower body. It is a huge mistake, and where many fail to succeed. The weirdest thing is to see a huge torso held up by chicken legs. There is no balance in this.

Speaking of balance, you will also not be very strong and weak in performance as well. Much of your lower body depends on strength from your legs and glutes. Squats and deadlifts are foundational exercises that work so much of the body and are necessary for big gains in muscle and power. If you are failing to do these exercises and don’t Workout Your Legs you are missing out completely.

Take SupplementsThe Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass

You cannot get huge without supplementing. There are a lot of ways to supplement and some are more work than others while not even really yielding that great of results. To know what’s best for you versus what might be a waste of time, you can check out my post here. To make a long story short, your must haves are protein powder and creatine.

When it comes your Taking Supplements, you get what you pay for. There are huge swings between high quality supplements and poorer varieties. If you see a $50 container of casein protein over a $20 container of casein protein and they are the same size and amount of protein, chances are you are getting a lot more additives and junk per calorie in the $20 container which will hurt you in the long run.

Note that to get Ben Pakulski or Arnold Schwarzenegger huge you are going to have to lift consistently for years or be taking some kind of steroid. You cannot get huge quickly without steroids and/or time. Bodybuilders spend years to develop those muscle and make them big on an unnatural level. Supplementing speeds up those years and delivers healthy rock hard muscles.

Drink A LOT of WaterThe Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass

So simple, but yet so many fail at this. If you are serious about gaining rock hard mass, you need Drink A LOT of Water. Water serves so many great purposes outside of bodybuilding.

It cleans out toxins from the body, it metabolizes fat, transports nutrients throughout the body etc.. However, the most important factor for bodybuilding is it will aid in your muscle growth and repair. Not to mention, without proper hydration you face muscle fatigue and injury…along with dehydration.

Another important detail is you need to be super hydrated for building muscle. Muscle needs water as water is a key component in bringing up the proteins and nutrients needed for producing more muscle, and also for burning energy to fire up muscles and perform.

Water also has oxygen and helps with good circulation which is going to aid delivery energy, strength, and the focus to perform. If you’ve ever felt dizzy or winded after a set, but your breathing was right on, it’s probably because you need more water and the brain is not getting enough oxygen. To learn more about water consumption click here.



    • Glad you like the post! Legs are often overlooked. To be honest I hated lower body workout days. After a while though…like everything else you start to like them and get a drive to do them even more. I can’t tell people enough what it feels like after you body recovers, to go and do a jog, or sprint, or lift and feel a new found POWER!!!

  1. This is an interesting article, thank you. Do you think it’s possible to gain too much muscle mass? Should people be guided by their natural body shape?

    • Well, your big-time bodybuilders who compete do put themselves at dangerously high levels of mass development and have leaned themselves to 3% body fat. So when we are talking those numbers, then yes. However, in general, its not the amount of muscle you are building, but what you are doing to get it that is the true danger. Bad supplementing/drugs and a poor diet can lead to a bad health.

  2. Thanks for this concise and straight to the point post. Although my gym days are over and I was far from aiming for being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, I can totally agree with the increased calorie intake combined with creatine. Got fast results also on mediocre training schedule.

    • Gym days are never over. You don’t need to become a meat head, but I’ve seen 75 year old guys at the gym pumping iron and having super cut bodies any guy in there 20’s would kill for!

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