The Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

The Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

So you may or may not have heard about the apple cider vinegar craze that is everywhere from Hollywood celebrities to the guy next door. Even the highly followed and respected Dr. Oz refers to this amazing liquid as his Favorite Vinegar. It seems everyone has been benefiting from the power of apple cider vinegar. However, most people so far have been using it only for it’s killer fat burning abilities. Yet, there are many more unknown Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar that many people aren’t even aware of. It turns out that you don’t have to be out of shape and overweight to receive benefits from this amazing liquid.

Weight Loss

Let’s start with the most commonly known benefit. Yes, it is proven and currently used to successfully eliminate traces of fat in the body. How this works is apple cider vinegar speeds up metabolism in the body. If it is taken regularly, the acetic acid contained in this liquid will speed up your body’s metabolism while reducing water retention. It’s consumption will also suppress your appetite. The results have been known to be unbelievable when paired with exercise or even just increased activity.

Control Blood Sugar

Are you diabetic? Do you have issues with high blood sugar levels? This is often a problem that many diabetics and pre-diabetics struggle with. Well hey…this liquid when mixed with water and taken regularly will balance your blood sugar levels by improving sensitivity to insulin. There are so many families who benefit from apple cider vinegar just from this benefit alone. Don’t believe The Big Diabetes Lie!!!

Lower Bad Cholesterol


Apple cider vinegar limits triglyceride levels and bad cholesterol causing the blood lipid profile to improve. It will even go a step further and increase your good Cholesterol levels. If you are struggling with high blood pressure than look no further. Instead of taking a regimen of pills used to counteract the other pills needed to actually keep your blood pressure normal, you could possibly be able to eliminate this expensive and annoying hassle simply by consuming apple cider vinegar three times a day.

Breath Better

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium which is known to alleviate stuffy noses and clear sinuses. Bacteria growth is also limited from the acetic acid in the liquid. Add cayenne, honey, and lemon to enhance it’s benefits.

Stop Acne

Not only will apple cider vinegar strengthen your immunity, slow aging, give you energy, reduce anxiety, irritability headache, sore throat…and I could go on and on…it will also clear up acne. If you’ve tried everything to clear your skin, start applying apple cider vinegar as a toner and it will begin to reveal the results right away. It has been commonly known to be good for the skin through consumption, but to eliminate acne just by applying it to your skin…that is awesome!!!

Much Much More…

I have only mentioned some of the many other benefits this amazing liquid delivers. There are also numerous recipes and ingredients you can add to apple cider vinegar to make it easy and fun to be healthy and benefit from its properties. If you want to see more, just click the link below!

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  1. I knew apple cider vinegar had a lot of benefits but you mentioned that it really does work for weight loss. That is exciting because I have just resolved to lose the extra weight I have put this past year. Just one question. Does it start working right away, or does it take a few days to speed up your metabolism?

    • Well let’s be realistic…there is no magical Disney transformation that takes place when you begin to take it. However, I think it’s fair to say the apple cider vinegar will begin to offer you benefits from the first time consuming it. Many see results in about a week for weight loss, and some may see results a little later. However, in any case there is no denying it’s effectiveness. When I researched how it changed Jonah Hill’s life, and saw the results, that is when I started looking into it and discovering a lot of apple cider vinegar’s benefits beyond just extreme weight loss. I’d like to point out that I also recommend a stable workout and balanced diet not only to increase the benefits of apple cider vinegar, but also to maintain the loss of weight even after you are done consuming it.

  2. I didn’t know Apple Cider Vinegar did all that. How long does it take to see a difference in fat?

    The lower bad cholesterol is definitely a plus. I am also excited that it slows aging and boosts the immune system. Do you find it is easy to take or is the taste really bad?

    • Thanks! Every body type is different. However, the effects of apple cider vinegar in weight loss can be seen as soon as just a week in many people. There are many examples and simulations on how quickly it can dissolve fat. I don’t think it tastes bad, and my wife even kind of likes it. However, everyone has a different pallet and taste for things. This is why the recipes in the book I provided below the post are great and gives people who don’t like drinking it down, better ways to benefit from it. They also show you the other ways you can use apple cider vinegar for cleaning, eating, etc.

  3. Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for your review, I am really glad that I found your website. Do you know I never knew that Apple Cider vinegar had so many benefits. I was particularly interested in the breathing benefit. I suffer from blocked sinus and also my skin is not the greatest. Would you recommend to apply it straight to the skin? I am not sure what a toner is.
    Thank you for letting me know about this product, that book by Kimberley Scott looks quite interesting. Many Thanks,

    • Hi Freddy, thank for your reply. Many skincare products use what is called a toner which is a liquid in a bottle that you apply to the skin in order to improve its condition. I totally recommend applying it to the skin. One of the benefits in the book is how to apply it to the skin to use it as a toner, but you can basically just apply it directly to receive the benefits.

  4. Well, that got my attention…the fat burning properties of apple cider vinegar. I honestly did not know this. But traces of fat doesn’t really sound like there is much of an effect. How exactly does it limit triglyceride levels? I’m a little confused here…is there any real fat loss benefits or is it just trace amounts?

    • The acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the big elements that really causes the benefits in the fat burn and balanced sugar levels. Arizona State University and the University Shizuoka in Japan have shown and confirmed that apple cider vinegar does positively affect triglyceride, cholesterol, and sugar levels. There is more research being done, and so far it’s been super positive. Because of its organic and already well known healthy history, many health and fitness enthusiasts have already been promoting ACV for years for a number of conditions and witnessed positive results for a lot of people. Therefore, the question lab enthusiasts and scientists are trying to really figure out isn’t does it really work, but how exactly does it work? I hope this answers any questions or concerns on the matter! Thanks!!!

  5. Hey, this is awesome.

    I’ll go and buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar right now. What I am not clear about, is how much of this great liquid I should drink per day.

    It is vinegar right, isn’t this very sour? You say to mix it with honey and cayenne and lemon juice, that sounds better.

    Please tell me how often per day I should drink and how much, thanks.

    • If you are looking to shred fat, you would want to consume it three times daily in the amount of a teaspoon or tablespoon. Drinking too much could make you very queasy. It is slightly sour like vinegar, but much sweeter. After a while I started to like it. I personally like it plain cause it is quick and simple. If it is too much you can mix it with a glass of water and drink it down. The book below the post will give you great ways of drinking, cooking, and applying it for all kinds of benefits. Cheers!!!

  6. Well I had never heard of this so it was interesting to see what it is all about and also the benefits as well. I’m not an apple cider drinker, but turning this into vinegar and having some really great health benefits is interesting.

    Can you buy this vinegar in regular shops or is it only in special shops? Also, how much should you be drinking daily or weekly?

    • That’s the beauty of apple cider vinegar…it is inexpensive and can be found near the regular vinegar at any local grocery store or food retailer. As far as how much you should consume, many may say different amounts depending on the benefit you are looking for. Some benefits do not require you to consume it but possibly just apply it. This is where the recipe book below the post will come in handy. With that said, I would recommend for a fat burning regimen to consume a teaspoon or tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times daily. A simple way is to take it straight or mix in a glass of water.

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