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Skinny Nut

I was always kind of a Health Nut, but I always struggled with being a Skinny Nut. I was husky growing up and struggled to look skinny and muscular, even though I was fast and athletic, I just didn’t look it. I’ve seen huge ripped muscle heads in the McDonalds line ordering what seemed like half the menu. They didn’t seem to care about fat, and yet they looked like a chiseled Greek statue. I didn’t understand it? I lifted weights, was active in sports, and even jogged daily around my neighborhood, so I knew I was active enough. I was eating protein bars and living off High School lunches and home cooked meals, so I wasn’t eating any junk. Still, I seemed to not be able to show anything for it…except I just would keep getting taller…but not muscular. It wasn’t until I made it to college level sports and had the opportunity to work with professional trainers and nutritionists before I truly discovered how fat works. Turns out I was muscular after all! I just had this constant layer of fat over all my muscles. This was because I didn’t understand the foundations to burning fat. So now I’d like to share this shockingly simple realization with you.

Don’t Cut Corners…

Skinny NutFrom my experience, I can tell you there is no fast way to lose fat that is healthy for you. There are so many programs out there that act like they have the secret formula, so you buy into them, and turns out it either doesn’t work, is not healthy for you, or it ends up being something not much different than what you can do on your own…they just put their spin on it. Losing fat comes from discipline and hard work. The best way you can speed up the process is by utilizing quality supplements that support a proven and balanced diet and exercise program. When done right, those supplements can help drastically speed up the time it takes to get that summer body, by making the body work more productively and effectively. As for starting routines after working out, you should feel good after your routine. In most cases even re-energized. If you are feeling pain (other than sore muscles) or extremely fatigued, you may be on a poor program or routine and/or may need to consult a doctor about your health and workout regimen. No matter what, there is no mystery to burning fat and getting that body, you desire. However, if you follow these foundational steps, not only will burning fat get easier the more you execute them, but you will finally be able to say goodbye to those chubby days forever.

Make Goals…

Skinny Nut

There are only two kinds of people, those who plan, and those who plan to fail. How do you plan to succeed? If you make goals for yourself, you have greatly increased the odds of your success. Your goals need to be achievable, don’t set the bar so high that you have a high likelihood of failure or giving up. Start small and work your way up. Have a specific time and date to make it to your goal, and break it down daily on what you must do for you to achieve that goal.



Forget weight…

Skinny Nut

Weight is just a number…really it is. If you are one of those who are viewing your journey to that body you desire by what a scale is telling you, you are about to go through a mental journey of pain and suffering that in reality means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! How that mass is broken up is more of the concern. When you get into a routine of diet and exercise, your body is going to go through some awesome changes. Your weight will be going up and down and sometimes do absolutely nothing at all. Many people don’t counter in the fact that as they are exercising they aren’t just burning fat, but also gaining muscle. Seeing as muscle is denser than fat, it is not crazy to see yourself getting skinnier, yet the scale is getting higher. It may not even show any change in weight at all. This is where some mistakenly think they are plateauing. When in fact, it’s because their muscle is making up for the loss of fat. There are so many people I see who feel that what they are doing isn’t working and lose hope. It’s usually right at the point when they are looking better than they ever have, but it is all because they go by weight. Don’t be that person! If you are going to follow anything, follow fat percentage and how you look and feel. Also, stay away from following BMI. BOOM!!! That’s right…I said it! It is a faulty system that really doesn’t work for most people. For instance, I am 6’6” at 250 pounds, and in what many would view as great shape. Yet…to the BMI scale, I am obese?!

Drink More Water…

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Water is one thing that almost everyone in the world doesn’t drink enough of. Like a car, water is the coolant and oil to our bodily machine that keeps our body temperature balanced and the insides well-oiled and clean. If you dehydrate you can suffer from pretty serious short and long-term effects. There are many health issues attributed to the long-term deprivation of water to the body. I personally began to drink my daily requirement of water early on in college and realized only then how much I was missing out. I immediately began to feel great, my complexion changed in just days, and I had tons of new energy! Not to mention, I began to lean up too! Everyone says different when it comes to daily amounts of water that should be consumed. I always have gone with drinking half my body weight in ounces. After all, everyone’s bodies’ shapes and sizes are different. It just makes sense that this formula would work for every size and shape of person.

Eat Often…

Skinny Nut

Notice, I didn’t say eat a ton of food often. Simply, eat more often in the day. Most people only eat 2 or 3 times a day which will keep us going, but is actually not the best way for our bodies to eat. When we eat and go without food for more than two hours our energy levels begin to drop and metabolism goes down. Our body then goes into survival mode. When this happens, it will cause you to eat as much as possible, so the body can store what it can as fat. Just think about those times you had to put off eating, or just felt so hungry. You finally eat and you just keep eating until you can eat no more. Your body just kept feeling hungry and in the end, you can’t believe how hungry you were. That is the beginning of the survival mode. That’s right, you’re not done yet!  Then comes the part where you feel slow, and depending on how much you ate, you may feel the need to sleep or “sumo out.” This is the part where your body takes all that excess food and stores it away as fat, but it needs you to slow down and even if possible shutdown completely. And where do you think it wants to put it?!…that gut, that butt, and/or those thighs you just can’t get rid of!

By eating small healthy meals and snacks 5 to 6 times a day, your metabolism will go strong throughout the day and you will have constant energy as well. Also, because your body is constantly getting enough food, each time it’s time to eat, you will not overdo it. That way, your body is able to burn the food you have given it, and will not try to store it. With understanding this, it should make complete sense as to why eating three hours before nighttime is also the worst thing you can do when wanting to burn fat. By loading food into your system on the slowest time of day for your body, you have just taken everything you worked for that day and vaporized it. Most of the food sitting in your stomach before bed will not get burned up. And where does excess food that can’t be burned go??? That’s right…your (insert your trouble area here)!

Aerobic Activity…

Skinny Nut

As long as you can get your heart racing at a healthy rate, you should do at least 20 minutes of aerobic activity four times a week “MINIMUM.” Too little exercise will not be enough to burn enough sugar in your system to then begin the process of targeting fat, and too much exercise will overdue it and cause your body to not only get tired and risk injury, but also cannibalize itself and burn more than just sugar and fat by also attacking your muscle tissue. It is important to note that your best time to work out is right in the morning before you eat. This is when your stored sugar is at it’s lowest point and will allow you to target your fat cells faster.

Sleep off the fat…

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Sleep, much like water, is another thing most people fail to give themselves. Poor sleep is also attributed to a lot of long-term health issues and increased aging. Getting good sleep is also huge in burning fat. I like to think of it as a triple play. When sleep is done right, we gain energy, gain new muscle, and burn fat. Your body uses this time to recharge the much needed energy to supply your new daily routine, as well as repair the muscles and tissue torn or damaged during the days workout. They will then come back bigger and stronger than before. Therefore, your body can also continue to burn calories while you are dreaming of yourself on an ocean side beach in that swimsuit you have been trying to fit into while people look at you wishing they could be you!!! By supplementing you can increase the effectiveness of this while you have that dream!

To conclude…

If you would like some help or a head start in a lot of the things discussed here, I will be posting in my review section some great supplements and programs that can get you great results as fast as possible while keeping it safe and healthy, so stay posted!!!

If you would like any feedback or details please don’t hesitate to reply in the comments below. Also, if you have any feedback or information to give, I completely support and encourage it! Thanks!!!


  1. Hello there! I’ve been hitting the gym lately to lose weight and gain some muscles. I read your article and I found it very informative and helpful since I didn’t any difference when I hit the gym before and right now that I’m hitting the gym. For sure having goals is great to track the success you’ve been doing. But I have a question is doing aerobic activity is more effective than cardio exercise?

    • No problem, and thanks for asking! Cardio is actually a general term for forms of aerobic activity where heart rate increases, oxygen depletes, energy is dispersed and fatigue sets in. I won’t get too into the science and biology of it all, but there are two types of cardio workouts…aerobic and anaerobic. Depending on where you are in your level of training, aerobic is usually your starting point for building a great foundation before getting into weight lifting and high intensity workouts. You are usually doing natural movements and utilizing your bodie’s own weight which will utilize your smaller muscles. Those muscles will be needed further down the road to support your larger ones that you plan to beef up and rip to shreds. When that happens, your larger muscles will not be strong enough to function normally and the smaller ones will be making up for the difference. This is why those who jump into hardcore workouts and advanced weight training end up cutting there success short from unexpected injury. Therefore, aerobic activity is a crucial form of workout to continue doing, some argue even permanently with your workouts. However, there is anaerobic alternative which is a much higher intensity workout. This targets your muscles and energy levels even more and will shred away fat and keep your muscles cut. Forms of this type of workout are exercises like burpees which you can read on my websites post! In the end they will bring stronger muscles, more endurance, and a ton of energy. However, like jumping into the gym for the first time and lifting heavy weights, if you are not in shape you could cause some serious injury doing anaerobic workouts as well. That is why building that foundation first is key. 

  2. Awesome article! I liked the information about muscles making up for the loss of fat. I have experienced this and had wondered just what you wrote about, getting discouraged because of not seeing a distinguishable change. The other thing I liked was the analogy of water for our bodies is like the coolant in a car, that keeps our body temperature balanced. This is very true. After giving birth to my twins, my blood pressure raised sky-high to where the doctors became extremely alarmed. Innately I knew what to do and that was to drink a lot of water, and in no time my blood pressure was back to normal. Grazing on healthy snacks throughout the day is good, and sleeeeeeep is very important. Great information, thanks!

    • It is shocking how quickly the benefits of water take affect in our bodies. The same goes for the food we eat as well. Congrats on your twins!!! I’m glad you found value in this article and thanks for the comment!

  3. Thanks for the great reminder.
    I tend to forget to drink enough water throughout the day. These easy small things are so essential.
    The rule not to eat three hours before sleep is a great tip too. I love to eat before sleep and then get tired. But as you say, it doesn’t make me exactly lose fat lol.
    Great article, I will follow your recommendations from now on and feel excited already.
    Have a great time

  4. Yes, this is a great reminder for me. I am terrible at drinking water, and I know that this is probably my biggest issue with loosing a few pounds. You have just nudged me into getting busy with the water drinking. Right now, I really don’t drink any, at all, all day. Sure I drink Gatorade, and a Monster, and maybe a diet soda. But that is it. Not the same right?

  5. Great article. I used to think that i could just work out to burn off my excess fat, then i discovered that my diet is just as important…and now i know to drink more water…

    • We get so caught up in all the adds and hype of diet and exercise that we lose sight of the simplest things like water which is actually crucial to your body in building muscle and/or leaning up!

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