Push-Ups For Beginners

Push-Ups For Beginners

Unlike popular belief, push-ups work a lot more than just your arms. When you do a push-up you are firing up a chain of muscles from your head down to your toes. It is the perfect full body workout. This could be the number one reason our military loves them so much. It’s also, no wonder why Push-Ups For Beginners are so hard at first. For this reason, I’d like to break down the basics of this crucial exercise, because the push-up is a great starting point for anyone looking to get into shape quickly and safely by utilizing your own body weight. This will not only quickly strengthen you and lean you up, but also prepare your body for some vigorous workouts in the future. They will greatly enhance your core strength, your balance, and your power. As your body gets stronger, your mass (muscle size and density) will increase, and therefore, add on to the workload of your push-ups as you get bigger. It is for that very reason why you are also never really too strong for push-ups. These exercises should be done at least three times a week, so every other day which gives you the weekend to rest and rebuild. So here is how to start your Push-Ups For Beginners routine.

Level 1: Wall Push-Ups

Probably the easiest starting point is to begin leaning against the wall with your arms straight out and your hands shoulder width apart. Lean down into the wall bending your arms simulating a push-up on the floor. Once your face is about two inches from the wall, proceed to push back out away from the wall straightening your arms. Continue until you can no longer do any more. Wait a couple minutes and repeat. Do three sets each time maxing out. If you can do more than twenty and you are not maxed out on your first run, you may want to increase the angle by leaning into something lower to the ground like a bench or counter. The lower you go to the floor, the higher the difficulty. When you are doing more than twenty for each set with no problem, it is time for Level 2.

Level 2: Knee Down Push-Ups

When you are comfortable doing more than twenty reps on an incline you can make it to the ground. Go into a crawling position on your knees with your legs crossed on the floor. Your arms and hands should be shoulder width apart. Go down like you would a normal push-up, and as you go down, raise your feet in the air. Make sure you keep your back straight. You should go far enough to make your upper arm and shoulders perpendicular to your forearms. Your face should make it just a couple inches from the ground. Then proceed to go back up into the starting position. Continue until you can do no more, rest for two minutes, and repeat. When you are comfortable with twenty or more reps per set, you are now ready to do basic push-ups.

Step 3: Basic Push-Ups

Simply straighten your legs going into a plank position. Keeping your back straight, go down until your face is a few inches from the floor and your upper arms are perpendicular from your forearms. Then raise yourself up straightening your arms. Continue until you can do no more, rest two minutes, and repeat. Keep going with as many sets as possible. Congrats you are no longer doing Push-Ups For Beginners!!!

Take It To The Next Level

Now you have the know-how to do arguably one of the best full body exercises known to man. If you think you are ready to take it to the next level and want to widen the variety of push-up routines and other workouts you can do, than I suggest purchasing a push-up bar. Not just any push-up bar though, you will want the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System, Elite. It is what I personally use after being disappointed with other cheaper knock-offs, and it is the best bang for your buck with the best quality compared to even the higher end bars. It can handle up to 300 pounds of weight for big guys like me, is easy to assemble, and is safe for your floor and doorway. It will have you doing so many different routines, you’ll have that “V-Cut” look in no time!!! Click any of the three below and check it out on Amazon. All you need now is a top Protein Supplement!!!



  1. Great article! Very good instructions on how to do a good push-up. I’m into fitness and hit the gym often, and it is sad that many people you see at the gym don’t do this very basic but really effective body weight exercises! Fitness has turned into who can throw the most weight around, which is fun, but I wish we could all get back to the way the ancient people got into shape! lol

    I loved the great pictures explaining each step to doing the push-ups! Enjoyed the article! Thanks again

  2. Hi Bruce, this article is right up my street as I have been in the both worlds – fit and unfit. I have just started doing push ups and the one for the wall is brilliant as I have weak wrists. If done correctly with proper form, I should be able to strengthen them.

    I like eating raw food, including organic free range eggs straight from the farm, but also like eating cooked African food which I make myself. At present I am a UK size 16 being my heaviest and with a large middle…So push up in all their forms would be perfect for me.

    It’s a case of less complex carbs and more protein as I would like to keep at 12 stone (79kg) but be a size 14. I used to read Muscle and Fitness, so know that I can weigh heavy but go down a size..

    Wow! Didn’t mean to say so much…looks like your article sparked me off!

  3. Great article thank you so much. I’m still at the knee pushup stage, so it’s good to know that once I can do 20 comfortably, that’s when I should be progressing to a higher difficulty level. thank you for sharing. Cheers, Karen

  4. Just today… I was doing push ups… well trying to…. I’m always trying to focus on form because I became aware of the common mistakes like opening your arms and elbows out wide. In my mind, it’s a moving plank. Great share.. i love to be reminded of the correct form!

  5. Great post!.
    About 5 Years ago, I could only do 2 push ups. Within 6 months was up to 20 in a row.
    These days I can nail about 40 in row, and workouts consist of about 150.

    My key to growing is consistency and variation of push ups

  6. I think anyone that is starting a workout routine needs to know this you can’t just skip steps, we are all beginners at the start.
    Many, including me at one point just wanted to do an intense workout in one go and see results…i was reckless.
    I really like how you explained with so much detail how to start building up your strength and the different ways to do it, also giving your body rest in between so it recovers 😀
    Starting today i will make it my challenge!
    Thank you so much for this post!
    I look forward to more!

    • Intensity is great and I know when I jump into new workouts I can catch myself overdoing it. The downside other than injury is that you will get very sor and or too physically exhausted to keep up the routine at that pace. That is why so often you here quality over quantity when it comes to your beginner workouts. Cheers!

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