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You have finished your run, and this is where most people fail to take care of themselves where it is needed most. It’s time to do your Post Run Stretches. You just ran, those muscles are tired, knotted, and tattered. They need some serious attention, and if they do not get taken care of they could fester a lot of problems for you down the road. Most people do not realize the importance of stretching after a workout let alone a good run. By stretching after your run, you will mend faster, build those muscles bigger and stronger, and prevent injury before and during your next run. The stretches in this post may look a little silly, but they are very common stretches found in many yoga classes. They will take care of many parts of the body at once saving you time, and they are great for multiple health benefits. See my post Yoga Poses That Burn Fat to find out more. With that all said, here are the key Post Run Stretches you need to do after your run ASAP!

Downward Facing Dog

I like this version on the video below because it works your arms, back, and shoulders along with your calves and hamstrings. This stretch is sure to get you started off great and will strengthen your arms and legs for the next run.

Low Lunge

The Low Lunge is going to do great for your quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Raising the arms in the air is optional, and will increase the stretch. Your quads are huge muscles and this will target them properly.

Hamstring Stretch

The last thing you want to experience is walking funny for days after a tear in your hamstring by not doing a simple stretch that could have prevented it. The Hamstring Stretch feeds off of the Low Lunge. This is going to really hit your hamstrings down to the calves. You will really feel most of the pressure firing up right under your knee. The video below will go through the whole motion with both the Low Lunge and then changing to the Hamstring Stretch.

Half Lord of The Fishes

It sounds weird but it is a real stretch! The Half Lord of The Fishes pose works so many parts of the body and is perfect in finishing off your Post Run Stretches routine. The twisting will be huge in maintaining and increasing flexibility in the spine and it will also relax your nervous system. It is also known to improve digestion, and through the twisting, it can work to clean out your organs from within. However, in this post we are focusing more on the outer outer part of the body. This stretch will be targeting your neck, shoulders, spine, hips, and buttocks. It truly is a full body stretch and will do great for your body.

I cannot stress enough the benefits of these stretches to the body as Post Run Stretches. They work so many facets of the body all at once in just a few main poses. I have seen people go through whole stretch routines that can take a long time, and I’ve seen others do whole yoga sessions for practically 40-60 minutes when all they need to do are these simple few poses and all those knots are gone and the muscles stretched and ready to heal for the next run. If you do these poses right after your run you will feel more energized, stronger, and faster with every run!!!


  1. I’m not a runner since my knees don’t allow it (LoL), but I do work out at the gym. I make sure to do stretches before my work out, but I guess I better start. Thanx for posting the videos, so it’s easy to follow – but I don’t see me ever getting into the Half Lord of the Fishes pose

    • Bad knees is a damper for many stretches, but also activities as well. Stretching is so important in preventing the damage we do to our joints and muscles. Glad some of these stretches are doable for you. If you would like stretches for those with bad knees or even those seeking stretches to get some pain relieve out of those knees, let me know.

    • For sure! I’ve actually met people who believe stretching is a myth and we’ve been brainwashed to think we need to do it. Yet, if you do the research, there are soooo many great things that come from stretching that there is no denial it is a necessary activity and should be done whether you workout or not.

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