Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar Review

Modern Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar Review

Product: Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar 

Price: $29-$49.99

Models: Sport/Pro/Elite

Fits Doorways: 27″- 37″

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10



Why The Perfect Fitness Pull-Up Bar?

There are many pull-up bars out there in the market today. Many of these bars are all similar in many ways. I myself have tried searching for that perfect bar for me in the past, and remember how it felt like feeling it’s either to big, too small, too expensive, not giving all the features I need, etc.. In the end I ended up paying almost $100 for a bar that ended up constantly loosening at the bolts, and would leave marks on my doorways. What made things wore is when I started gaining more mass, I could no longer use it because of it’s low weight restriction. The search continued, and that is when I found the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar! After a year, I can say it is the best bar I’ve ever purchased, and after researching dozens of top end doorway bars, there is no real reason to look anywhere else than these bars right here. That’s right, I stated “These Bars” because they make three different types to suit the needs of any buyer. So here is the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar Review.

Can’t wait? Check them out here: Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System

Product Overview

The Perfect Fitness Bars come in 3 types; Sport, Pro, and Elite. Any of these bars will be superior to any other doorway bar out there depending on the variety of workouts you would like to do. The reason being their design and quality. The grips, durable materials, and patented doorway guard will not harm or mark your floor and doorways. The entire bar is made out of hard steel and can handle up to a 300 pound weight capacity. Many bars twice its price max at only 250 pounds! The tools to maintain it are stored within the bar, and you can target all your core to upper body muscles with the array of exercises it allows you to do.

Easy To Assemble and Use

Just because it’s built tough and high quality shouldn’t mean it takes forever to put together, or bring out and place onto the doorway. The tools needed to put it together come with the package and even store within the bar. If at anytime anything should feel like it needs to be tightened or if you need to put it away into storage for a while, the Allen Wrenches are right there stored on the bar. Once put together, it is super easy to put up on the doorway for pull-ups or on the floor of the doorway for sit-ups. Yes…you can use the bars for sit-ups!!! With these bars you can work your core, shoulders, chest, tri’s, bi’s…it just goes on and on.

Best Bang For Your Buck

You can spend as little as $25 or as high as $400 when trying to find the right bar. Whether you purchase the Sport, Pro, or Elite you will have a bar that will give you more variations of workouts and capabilities than any of them. You can pay for a top-notch bar and get similar features…but why?

Multiple Workouts

You will be able to do the expected pull-ups and chin-ups both in close-grip, shoulder-width, or wide-grip. Put it to the ground while still in the doorway using it to hold down your feet and do sit-ups. Take it out of the doorway and place it on the ground to perform a wide array of push-ups and dips to work your bi’s, tri’s, chest, and abs. Truly, no doorway pull-up bar will offer these abilities even close to the price range of these three bars. It’s design also allows for you to do a wide range of exercises from Sit-Ups – to Push-Ups – to Pull-Ups.

Sport – Compact

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar, Sport is the compact version of the three models. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking is just your average cheap bar. It’s hard steel holds up to 300 pounds comfortably, and I can’t say that I know a bar at it’s price range able to do that. It sells on Amazon for $29 and allows you to do the same exercises as the Pro or Elite. It’s design makes it great for confined areas or those looking for the most simplest of bars. It’s lighter weighing at 6.2 pounds and offers two grip options; normal and hammer grip. The padded handles ensure extremely comfortable grip for sit-ups, push-ups, and dips. It fits door frames 27″-35″ wide and up to 6 inches deep.

Pro – Wide

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar, Pro is the middle model of the three. It has a wider design and will offer everything the Sport delivers on, but also introduces wide grip bars and a more stable setup for sit-ups. It’s large design is still suitable for up to a 300 pound weight capacity, and fits door frames up to 33″ wide and up to 6″ deep. It sells on Amazon for $39.

Elite – Ergonomical

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar, Elite is the best model that will bring you the most. It is also my personal favorite, because I love it for its comfort and I’m a tall guy with a wide frame. It’s hard for a big guy like me to find a bar with a grip range for my size let along be able to endure my weight! It’s design is much more ergonomical and makes it easy feeling to do any exercise on it. It fits doors up to 33″ wide and 6″ deep. It truly is the Cadillac of doorway pull-up bars and sells on Amazon for only $49.

You Can’t Go Wrong

It’s obvious as to why any of the three Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bars are the best choice when it comes to doorway pull-up bars. I guess the biggest question would be, of the three, which one is the one for you? Click any of the three bars below and check them out on Amazon.




  1. Cool review. Which one do you have? I wasn’t thinking about getting a pull up bar, but I am now! I definitely need to improve my arm strength. I’m glad that you mentioned that you’re tall. I’m 6′, so I need something that is going to give me plenty of leg room and stay stable.

    • You are a tall girl…NICE!!! Yeah they will all work to some extent. It really depend on how much you want to do. I have the Elite, and I feel it is best for me cause not only can I do a ton of different workouts, but it’s ergonomical, and allows someone of my size to widen my grip comfortably where smaller bars seem to feel only normal to me with their wide grips.

  2. I’m not sure if my browser is blocking it or there is an issue at your site but I don’t see an image of the amazon link you have over the ‘Sport-Compact’ section or the ‘Pro-Wide and “Elite-Ergonomical’ sections either. When I click on it though it seems to work fine, but it looks like a tiny little blank box instead of the merchandise.
    I am interested in this product. My son put one in our apartment but it did the same thing to our doorway as you mentioned one you tried early one did to yours. It was easy to use though. I like that I could just exercise anytime I felt the urge to do some pull ups. The less I have to think the better chance I have of actually doing the exercise so I’m all for the fast and simple.

    • I checked the website out and did not find any issues on any links or imaging. This could easily be a setting in your browser not allowing access to the links or provided material. If I receive issues from others on it I will dig deeper.

  3. I need one of these. I do have a question though. My arms are so weak 🙁 and I cannot do a good full pull up yet. How do I get the strength build up in order to do them. I would like to get my arms stronger. I am not sure where to begin. Thanks!

    • The gyms often have machines that will start you off and gradually build up pull-up capabilities. However, when doing the home workout thing, you do not have access to such expensive equipment. What I did to start myself off is placing a chair slightly past the doorway that I could rest my feet on. The further away you put the chair, the more work you put on your arms and chest when doing the pull-up. This will get you there in no time!

  4. Nice review brother. I work out from home so the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull-Up Bar seems like a great option for me. I absolutely love that it’s easy to assemble and the best bang for your buck cause I don’t have a big budget but definitely want something worth it. You’ve done a great job on the article. Keep it up 😀

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