Organifi Protein Powder Review – A Plant-Based Protein Alternative

Organifi is best known for their Green Juice line. Without question this is known to be arguably the best way to juice. Whether you want to save some time and are on the go, or you just want a healthy juice recipe that will shred fat, you have the best all-in-one easy to make mix. However, this is not the product on the chopping block. We are doing an Organifi protein powder review, and a look on how this stacks up for those looking to build lean muscle. This review will look into several categories.

  • Product Description
  • Product Specs
  • Price Guarantee
  • Pros & Cons
  • Overall Rank

Product Description

Organifi is a well known organic brand for those who are looking for getting powerful healthy results in a natural way. Therefore, their protein powder which also has natural vitamins and minerals has been created in such a way for the natural and health conscious customer. It is also-plant based like every other product line of Organifi which can make even vegans happy and guilt free. Don’t let the veggies fool you though, this product is well known for its excellent tasting flavor. Also, it does not just offer protein unlike the other top brands. Each serving of Organifi protein powder comes loaded with nutritional ingredients that will curb cravings, boost immunity, balance and support healthy digestion, increase metabolism, as well as, help rebuild and strengthen lean muscle. Most of the top rated brands only focus on strengthening and rebuilding lean muscle, and do not offer a clean, nutritious, fat burning package. It has two flavors to chose from, both Chocolate or Vanilla. It can also be easily mixed with any beverage of choice such as water, milk, milk-substitutes, smoothies…etc.

Product Specifications

Each container weighs 2.6 lbs. and has 30 servings with 2 scoops making one serving. Each serving brings 20 grams of lean, natural, and nutrient rich protein. Many other competitors offer a larger scoop containing two servings in one scoop. This is most likely because the Organifi container is skinnier and not as round and bulky, which makes storage a little simpler.

Price and Guarantee

Organifi can be found for sale on Amazon at $89.95 which is not bad considering the rest of the competition boasting plant-based healthy alternatives to protein powder do not offer nearly as much nutritional value in one package, or they give you smaller containers with less servings costing between $60-79.99. Also, Organifi has a 100% money back guarantee. If you order on Amazon today they will give you a 30-day money back no questions asked guarantee and world class customer service. You can’t go wrong with that!


Organifi protein powder will bring much more than the top selling brands when it comes to the full spectrum view of nutrition and protein in one perfect package. It’s researched and proven method of delivery into the body ensures that maximum absorption can also be achieved where many other brands fail. Organifi also comes with a whole other line of healthy juicing products that can enhance any weight loss and nutritional need alongside the mass gaining protein powder. It’s great tasting, plant-based, and vegan friendly. It sells at a fair price against it’s vegan friendly competitors.


Compared to the lineup of quality brands that are not vegan friendly, the competition has 4 to 8 grams more  protein per serving. It can be argued that many fillers and poor absorption can come with these brands, but the bottom line is the labels do show more grams of protein in the non-vegan competition. Also, the quality that Organifi protein powder brings does come at a price. Many top brands of protein powder sell for 20-30% less than Organifi protein powder. Personally I believe you get what you pay for, but sometimes when it comes to a budget, some people just don’t care about the extra benefits, they just want a protein supplement at a low cost. Keep in mind that poorer products can yield poorer results! Just like the more expensive higher quality gas in a car can bring higher quality performance. Either one will get you there, but one will do it faster and better.

Overall Rank

I give Organifi Protein Powder 4 out of 5 stars. It is a delicious, easy to store product packed with sufficient muscle building protein along with a side of tons of nutritional benefits that will boost health and weight-loss as well as build mass. However, it doesn’t have as much protein as some top rated competitors. Also, the price is a little higher compared to the competition even though it is justified with all the extra benefits it provides beyond just protein gains. In the end, if optimal taste, nutrition, quality, and natural make-up is important to you in a protein powder, you will not be disappointed with Organifi Protein Powder!!!

Try it for yourself!!!




  1. This is really cool. I just started hitting gym hard about 2-3 times per week so I can gain some muscle and don;t want to be skinny no more. I have been looking into proteins shakes and stuff, and it said it can help you gain some weight. But the thing is there are so many out to choose from. If anything I would definitely want to choose one that is organic. Where is the best place to buy this because I never really seen it in stores? Great article, going to share it on facebook.

    • By just eating more in your diet you will gain mass naturally. Protein powders are really for those who have the definition and are already in advanced stages of their workout routines, but want to get even larger beyond what a general diet can bring. They are usually doing HIT (High Intensity Workouts) and lifting far beyond want a beginner is capable of. The protein powder they are introducing into their body is needed because they are doing activities that need all of that protein. If you are loading on too much protein and not working out enough to utilize what you are in-taking, you will find your self adversely getting heavier and not so much stronger. What’s nice is that Organifi Protein Powder can benefit you more as a meal replacement loaded with protein. This will lower your calorie intake but give you good stuff for building muscle on your level right now. This will give you the muscle growth you want with definition!!!

  2. I’ve been going to the gym for a while now and so far I haven’t tried any protein drinks yet. My friends told me that I should drink protein shake because it will help me with my muscle gain. I searched some online and ending up on your article. I found it very informative and helpful but I don’t know which protein powder should I get. What’s the difference of Organifi Protein Powder to whey protein powder?

    • Proteins will help gain muscle and take your body to the next level after your current diet and workouts have taken you as far as you can go. The difference between whey protein and Organifi, and other plant based protein (Pea Protein) powders, is the simple makeup. Whey comes from cows milk and contains the missing amino acid already needed to make whey protein that perfect protein source for the human body. Pea proteins are missing that amino acid, so top plant based organic brands like Organifi add brown rice into the mix to produce that missing protein to make it a perfect protein. With this they bring that perfect protein and remain plant based. Because of its natural makeup, Organifi brings better digestion and contains way higher amounts of nutrients and vitamins than whey protein products. In order to compete with this, some brands will infuse vitamins into the mix unnaturally which is frowned upon by many health experts. This is why I say, if you want just protein and to save money…almost any top brand of protein will get you going and bring you results. However, if you are more focused on all around health and quality that comes with your protein that you are putting into your body, than Organifi is probably the best one to go with. It also comes guilt-free if you are a huge proponent of being vegan.

  3. Man, I always love a good protein shake after a nice workout or a load of vigorous activity. There are so many different brands to choose from. Many of them containing different things. Half the time you don’t know what is going into your body. It is nice to see there are some organic choices.

    I think I can cut out losing a couple of grams of protein in a product if I know it is better for me!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. BSantos,
    I used to take a protein powder everyday. I no longer take one they upset my stomach. And I never liked the the plant based ones they always tasted sour to me. But this one sounds interesting I may have to give this one a try. I may even look into the green juice line. Great review.


    • One of the things I remember when I first started using a protein powder regimen was how messed up my stomach was for like two weeks. I didn’t have natural options like Organifi, because organic was not as big as it is today. Most people would complain about a  bean flavor when they started coming out with organic alternatives which is why I think many people love Organifi so much. They do not have that weird taste and many say it’s better than most of the whey protein options. Plus, it is so much easier on the stomach being a completely natural organic make-up. Give it a shot…cheers!!!

  5. I have been using ISO 100 for months and I was having bad stomach lately so I started looking for plant-based protein powder alternative and Oganifi looks just great. I also do intermittent fasting and want to drink only one scoop per day. These weeks I can’t train and I wonder that when should I consume Organifi for better muscle building results?

    • Because of the nutritious ingredients in Organifi, it makes for the perfect meal replacement drink. Typically if you are training I would say take a mix in the morning and one immediately after your workout. If you are not training however, I feel that mornings are the perfect time to benefit from protein shakes. When you wake up your body is craving that beginning meal to jump start your body into the day. This is why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is also where many people fail. This well balanced blend will carry you into your lunch break. I like to add a spoonful of flax or chai seeds to my mix to give it a little more boost in fiber. Not only are they good for you, but they will also keep you feeling full with that slow burning fiber! I hope this helps!!!

  6. I didn’t know Organifi did a protein supplement. I’ve used their super greens before and while they are a little pricing the product is premium quality and your really can feel the difference.
    I’m looking forward to trying this product.
    Thanks for sharing.

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