Organifi Green Juice Review

Organifi Green Juice Review

Product: Organifi Green Juice

Price: $79.99 ea. (Store Retail)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon – $67.99 for Monthly Subscription

Size: 9.5 oz ea.

Servings: 30 ea. (30 Day Supply)

Guarantee: Money Back Guarantee

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Why Organifi Green Juice?

Juicing is great, and if you have been juicing for some time you already fully understand that it is the best possible thing you can do for your body on a regular basis…right?! Well, I’m about to reveal something that you definitely weren’t fully aware of. There are actually a ton of flaws with juicing, and Organifi Green Juice is the answer to the problem. Now before you go crazy and call me out for blasphemy against everything we know about how nutritious your daily intake of produce is, allow me to explain. I promise you, that after this you will look at the produce you are juicing with in a different light, and you will never want to waste your money again. Instead, you will invest it with Organifi Green Juice. I’m Bruce, The Health Nut, and this is the Organifi Green Juice Review.

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Juicing Is Expensive

OH MAN!…produce can be expensive, especially when you are talking organic or finding rare superfoods to make those drink super healthy. Don’t get me wrong, you can shop at stores like Aldi, Trader Joes, Meijers, etc., but you will not get the diverse produce that qualify as superfoods as you will in the larger grocery stores. If you do find them they are usually super expensive or just seasonal specials that come and go. I will spend easily $60 on myself for one month of produce if I can hit all the sales and drive around to every store to do it. Well multiply that by three for my two girls and my wife and now I’m spending almost $200 for a morning breakfast on top of the rest of the food I will be feeding my family with. I can two Organifi containers for almost have the price and have enough for the family and reap much higher rewards from it in the nutrition category…and that’s my next issue!

Produce Is Not As Healthy

Most produce in your grocery store has gone through a long journey and/or has been grown in a greenhouse never even really seeing natural sunlight. If your getting your produce off season you can almost guarantee that. Therefore, much of the nutritional value is either not there or already gone by the time it hits the store shelf. This is why many experts, including Dr. Oz, recommend you buy frozen vegetables for smoothies and juicing, because it enraptures all the freshness which saves the nutrition. With Organifi Green Juice, this is not an issue, because all of its ingredients are organic and gently dried into a powder form in a way that sacrifices no nutritional value and preserves everything in easily digestible form.

Superfood Variety Is Low

Superfoods are the key to a good juicing regimen. Your average juice recipe will contain at least 1-2 superfoods in it with the rest as nutritional sidekicks. This is because, not only are many of these ingredients expensive, they are also hard to come by. In fact many of the superfoods known throughout the world are not even a part of the average American diet. To get these in the market are usually in your large organic specialty stores or ethnic grocer. Remember when I stated that your produce loses nutritional value. Well that produce often takes a nice long boat ride before traveling to your stores shelf which is why they are so hard to find. With Organifi Green Juice, all your top superfoods are fresh and loaded into one container. With every glass of Organifi Green Juice you are getting Chlorella, Moringa, Spirulina, Mint, Beets, Matcha Green Tea, Wheatgrass, Ashwagandha, Tumeric, Lemon, and coconut water. I’d like to see someone prep that juicing recipe. There is literally 10 times more nutrition in one serving of Organifi Green Juice, than anything you can put together in your regular produce isle. This opens the door to my next point…TIME!

Prepping Takes FOREVER!

I waste easily 15-20 minutes prepping my juice recipes, and that is because I feed for four (soon to be five), and am fast and good at it. I know people who spend a half hour or more on their juicing. Then you whip up the drink, enjoy, and now you have to clean up the mess! With Organifi Green Juice it is just 30 seconds to bring out your powder, pour in blender, and serve. When you are done, rinse and go on with your life! If you want a tip on the clean up check out The Best Juice Cleanse.

Juicing Doesn’t Always Taste Great

Let’s be honest, not all recipes with juicing are a hit. I remember having one with cabbage in it and realized…yeah I don’t like cabbage in my smoothie. To be fare, it takes time for your natural pallet to detox in a way and start to taste those full flavors again after living a life of artificial sweeteners and flavorings. However, even still I don’t like cabbage in my juice. For some you may have a produce that is your “cabbage” type of ingredient. Well this stuff not only is 10 times more nutritious than your juicing recipes, it also tastes AMAZING!!!

To Conclude, Organifi Green Juice Is All You Need!!!

Organifi Green Juice is going to save you time, save you money, offer unrivaled  nutritional value, and taste awesome doing it too! Not only will you receive optimal nutrition, you will also notice mental clarity, reduction in stress, healthy skin, better immune system, huge energy spike, and better performance in the gym or on the job. You cannot lose with this life altering mix, and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by switching to Organifi Green Juice TODAY!!! Check it out on Amazon by clicking the image below!


Organifi – Green Juice Super Food Supplement (270g) 30 Day Supply. USDA Organic Vegan Greens Powder by Organifi (3 Jar Value Pack)

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  1. I juiced for 13 weeks in a row once, when I was really sick and had figured out environmental toxins, GMOs and pesticides had made me sick. Have you ever read the book Clean?

    Does the green juice smell like coconut?

    • Yes, Dr. Alejandro Junger is a big-time promoter of the bodies ability to heal itself. We have really lost sight of the awesome things our body can do and often times lose sight of it. We also don’t realize how the world around us affects our body…however, that is a post for the future! As for the juices taste…Yes, it smells like coconut which is one of the foods in it.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for this great review! I was very skeptical because I know how these types of juices do taste. But, since you assured that this one tastes great I may give it a try!

    • Glad to see it helped. Yeah, the juice is waaay better than you think. I’ve had many juice recipes promising great taste in reviews and at looking at this at first I thought it was going to taste like blended dirt…but it was GREAT!

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