Ninja BL610 Review

Ninja BL610 Review

Product: Ninja BL610 Review

Price: $119.99 (Retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size of Container: 72 oz. Capacity

Blades: 3

Modes: Low/Med/High/Pulse

Guarantee: 1 Year VIP Service Guarantee

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Why The Ninja BL610?

My wife and I are Health Nuts, and we love to juice. There are so many great recipes for juicing and the physical and mental transformation from juicing is undeniable. We have found that blending is the best way to go. However, we have discovered that not just any blender is up for the challenge of being a reliable professional grade blender. We once purchased a Vitamix, and in a short time of using it, we noticed it would burn out, and we would have to wait for it to cool down for it to work again. That is a pretty big hiccup on such a high priced item! I’m told that the new models are better than the original we had, but the price tag on some of these types of blenders are $500-800. That is why I’m here to share with you an amazing blender that we have found to work just as good, and even better, than the top blenders others are paying hundreds more for. That blender is the Ninja Professional Blender (BL610), and this is the Ninja BL610 Review.

The Ninja BL610, Product Overview

The Ninja BL610 is an all around superior blender compared to the competition. It is easy to work, easy to clean, and blends like a champ. It is as quiet as the high priced blenders, and contains multiple blades that run on three speeds along with a pulse button. It has a 72 oz. container which is more capacity than many expensive blenders. This allows the ability to create larger batches of your favorite recipes whether just for you or for others. It has 1000 watts of power which is much higher than anything in its price range. Your higher cost blenders may come with more wattage or horsepower, but they will not have the superior crushing capability the Ninja’s multiple blades dish out. Power really doesn’t mean anything when your expensive blenders burn out from being over worked. The Ninja’s blades will make anything a cinch, and will blend and liquefy whatever your recipe calls for.

A Fraction of The Price Against Top Blenders

Many of the expensive blenders boast overall savings to legitimize the fact you are about to pay a crazy amount of money for just a blender. They help make it sound like a small sacrifice for saving in the long run. However, the Ninja sells on Amazon for a fraction of the price and can bring you the savings too, both at the point of purchase, as well as, the long-term. What they say is true however…once you get a blender you will save “BIG” in the long run by purchasing your own ingredients. I used to buy Naked and Bolthouse Farms brand beverages along with my protein shake drinks. These can be $5-$8 a pop, adding up to almost $15 a day-$105 a week-$420 a month. That is a solid car payment right there folks! With blending, if I am smart with my shopping (and I love places like Aldi and Meijers), I can spend $60 for all my juicing needs. That means my wife and I saved over $300 A MONTH when I purchased this blender and started juicing. Not to mention, all of the benefits it brings, along with the fact it is organic produce I use and no preservatives or added sugars!

Recipe Ideas

In need of some recipes? You can find some good ones in Google and other search engines, but I find that many recipes out there are hit or miss when it comes to flavor and healthy ingredients. Not to mention, they often use sweeteners or added sugar. But don’t worry, I got you covered here with a great book called Ultimate Juicing & Smoothie Recipes & Tips by ‘Juicing Expert’ Dr. Jeanette Carpenter. When I fell onto this book, it was just what I needed. For just 7 bucks you get hundreds of smoothie and juicing recipes with no added sugars and sweeteners that taste great. I think so far almost everything has been a hit. The best part is I can control what nutrition I put in my body, whether I’m looking for protein, detoxing, or need to burn fat. They even have recipes that can fight many diseases!!!

Cleaning Up Is Fast

Cleaning this blender is super easy and I recommend doing it right after emptying it with this little trick. When you are finished with the blender, and the remaining residue from the empty juicer is still wet, just put a drop of dish soap in the pitcher, fill with hot water, and let it rip for about 30 seconds. Empty, rinse, and dry off the blades and pitcher with a towel. BOOM! Yer done!!!

To Conclude, Ninja BL610 is “AMAZING”

So there you have it. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a high end blender, buy a blender for under a hundred bucks that has easy to use features, better blending power and capability, more capacity, and yeah…it looks cool too!!! With the Ninja BL610, you will be buying better for less cost. It retails at most major retailers for $120, but you can get it way lower on Amazon by clicking Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)


  1. Never better than when your wife is on board! Appreciate the tips on cleaning the blender as that is my biggest hang-up with this sort of thing. Nice job with this review!

  2. Nicely wife and I are always looking for new products that aid in living life a little more healthy we have been wondering if this type of blender was worth the hype after visiting your website this product seems to be the right choice for us. I am not much on reading a lot so the videos you have incorporated kept me connected to this site they where very informative the articles were well written and the layout was easy to follow.

  3. Interesting article… Health is the major issue now a days not just with adults but also with kids… To give nutrition to our kids the best is through the juices and smoothies, and blender is of great help to each mother..and selecting the right blender is the toughest job.. This post is surely of great help at this moment..

    • Health is always important. What I like about blending is that my kids love their smoothies and it’s an easy way for my kids to eat their leafy greens even early on in the age where many kids don’t typically like them. They can’t wait to have their smoothie, whether for breakfast or dessert.

  4. My grandma used to love her ninja blender and wouldn’t have traded it for any other.
    This price is definitely worth it and very reasonable to have such a high quality blender that will work as intended to.
    I’ve heard a lot of negative reviews on the Vitamix and personally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
    Thank you for the positive review on the ninja. I will personally be investing in one for myself soon.

    • Yeah, Vitamix is a great brand and a solid blender, but it is so expensive. After seeing another brand at the fraction of the price outdo it…it just made me realize you don’t always get what you pay for, and that more doesn’t always mean better. It makes me want look more into other Ninja brands like their coffee machine which I heard was pretty good too!

  5. Thanks for the amazing review, I will definitely consider buying this blender after I finish with the blender that I already own, blenders are much better than juicers overall.

    • Glad you like the review. I totally agree, blending is so much better than juicing. With blending you get the fibers in there for better digestion, slower burn in the body, and all the nutrients that come with it. With a good blender you won’t even know much difference I think!

  6. Hello Bruce,
    Great article. We picked up our Ninja this past Christmas. It still looks brand-new. I guess that’s because we haven’t used it yet! What I love about your post is the link to the recipe book. It sits unused because we just can’t find anything that even sounds good….The recipes should fix that for us.

    Thanks again.

    • Glad you are enjoying your Ninja. The books is awesome and the recipes are all really great. I found out I don’t like cabbage in my smoothies but hey…that’s how you learn! Cheers!!!

  7. I am using a Philips blender. Now after 3 months of blending, I’m quite convinced that smoothies are here to stay in our family, the kids have accepted and embraced the smoothie lifestyle! So I’m ready to invest a bit more in another blender that will serve our heavy usage. Have heard a lot about Ninja, your review has more or less convinced me!

    • That’s GREAT! Blending is such a great way to keep the family healthy and it’s fun too! Yes the Ninja will definitely be an improvement from your last blender.

  8. This sounds like a great alternative to the higher price blenders just as you mention. I am just getting into making smoothies so coming across this review will be helpful if I upgrade. I would love to hear more about the VIP guarantee. How do you you qualify as VIP? Thanks for sharing this information.

    • The purchase of the blender would qualify you. It’s basically a 1 year warranty that fully covers the blender and your satisfaction with it. Higher end blenders will have much higher warranties spanning for 3-5 years, but if you buy on Amazon you can get a very inexpensive 4 year warranty to go with it.

  9. When I need to get a new blender the Ninja is going to be top on my list of options and thanks to your review I won’t have to do my own research on it. You’ve summed everything up so well. Thanks for the cleaning tip too, I will definitely be using that in future!

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