Kettlebell Exercises For Beginners

Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

If you want to give yourself the full body workout that will build muscle and shred fat, then you need to master the kettlebell. Kettlebells will create awesome power that will strengthen your core, glutes, and hamstrings. Athletes will run faster, jump higher, and pack more punch while those working out in the gym will see a huge improvements in their squats, lifts, and presses. For those really focused on losing weight or are avid runners, your lungs will expand to knew heights and you will run farther, faster, and not break a sweat. Your metabolism will skyrocket and fat will burn long after the workout is over. Of course, such a great benefit comes at a price…you need to earn it.

Kettlebell workouts are not for those way out of shape, and for that reason, they need to be worked into. Too much weight or overworking the body with kettlebells can throw off your balance and posture and/or do serious harm. In this post I’m going to give you a great routine of kettlebell exercises for beginners. These exercises are modifications commonly used to progress into the more advanced stuff. Make no mistake, they will still test you. I suggest starting light and focusing on form first, and then increase the weight when you get the form and routine down!

Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is an exercise that utilizes multiple joints and works the muscles in the core and lower body. Expect to feel it in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Because you are working multiple muscles you will burn fat, and strengthen your core. By doing so your posture will also improve!

Kettlebell Clean

The Kettlebell Clean is a complete workout and arguably one of the best strength exercises which will yield great results to your entire body. Coaches and athletes love this one, because if you want more power…this will deliver.

Kettlebell Deadlift

The Kettlebell Deadlift is important for your full routine. It will increase your performance on all other workouts and it shreds fat. You will see results faster than any other workout, and you will also increase flexibility. Remember to keep your lower back flat and knees bent, and when lowering, move hips back and not knees forward.

Kettlebell Push Press

The Kettlebell Push Press is an awesome explosive workout that not only will bring core stability along with power from your lower body, but will also sculpt your shoulders, traps, and triceps. This is a great starting exercise that when mastered will enable you to do more advanced workouts down the road.

Two Handed Kettebell Swing

Hey desk jockeys that are sitting too much. If you suffer from Lower Crossed Syndrome you will love this one. The Two Handed Kettlebell Swing will strengthen the butt and core muscles that weaken from the hamstrings and lower back muscles becoming short and tight. Often used in crossfit training and conditioning, this an amazing aerobic workout and will crush those lungs. Your grip will get stronger and the calories will burn off your body long after the workout is done.

There you have it. By mastering these exercises you will be ready for the more advanced kettlebell workouts and look great too! I recommend starting three days a week with light weights at higher reps of 10-12 and only 2 sets for the first two weeks. Remember this is for getting form perfect and acquainted with the kettlebells. Many may still find this a challenge. Then go heavier and do 3 sets of 5-8. If you are doing other exercises outside of the realm of kettlebells, be ready to impress others with your new found power and strength! Run circles around the guys on the court, get comfortable warning runners your passing from behind when running your route. If you would like to know more about losing wait and burning calories, be sure to look into my Skinny Nut page.



  1. Great article on kettlebell exercises. I have not used kettlebell before I and was thinking of introducing kettlebell into my fitness regime so I am very happy to have found your site and especially your beginners exercises.
    I have bookmarked your site and will be visiting again for more tips… keep up the good work!

  2. Bruce I wish I had found your article and page before training with a trainer from my gym. He had me on a kettle bell workout program which was far too advanced for my strength level and I sustained a permanent injury as a result.
    Thanks for all the information and the instructions. I am sharing with my gym buddies.

    • Sorry to hear of your bad trainer experience. I ended up with a long-time lower back injury because a trainer put me on a regimen way too advanced for me when I started getting into an mass gaining program. Some gyms do not hire quality trainers in their staff and horrible mistakes can happen. One of the big reasons for this site are to help others avoid those bad situations. You have inspired me to write an article on this matter.

  3. Sounds like kettle bell workouts are a fantastic addition to any workout. They even make a mean stand alone workout.

    The videos are really helpful for those wanting to get rolling with kettle bell exercises at home.

    I’ll be considering this for the post Christmas shed!

  4. I was looking for a kettlebell exercise for shoulders and Kettlebell Push Press can be a really solid exercise for me. Since my shoulders generally don’t have resistance during my workouts in this way.

    • Great workout for your shoulders. I was weak in that area when I started lifting. The kettlebells are amazing at targeting those areas. I remember my shoulders just screaming in the middle of the rep and I just wanted it to be over…but the results were awesome!

  5. Hey there! Do you have any recommendations for where to get the best kettlebells? Also, what are the advantages over regular weights? Thanks 🙂

    • It depends on your location and the retailers available. Any major sporting and fitness retailer should have a supply of kettlebells, and they are online as well. I prefer vinyl or rubber for indoor, however, any gym kettlebell is fine to you if you are in the gym. There is a big difference between kettlebells and regular weights. Kettlebells are specially made to create workouts that allow a lot more movement than a dumbbell or plate. Balance and core strength are a huge part in working out with kettlebells which will fire up a lot more muscles and burn a ton of fat along with building muscle. Dumbbells and other free weights are really for targeting certain muscles with restricted movements and often involve you just standing or sitting firm while executing which will not involve as many muscles and not as much balance is needed which fires up less muscles and doesn’t use your core as much.

  6. Thank you for these awesome workouts. I have been wanting to buy some kettlebells for quite some time.

    Are there any differences if I perform these exercises with kettlebells as oppose to using a traditional dumbbell? Is there a certain benefit to using kettlebells that dumbbells can’t give?

    • Totally!!! Dumbbells are great for just targeting certain muscles and they offer free movement of the arms which will require other muscles to fire up versus a bar. However, kettlebells will bring it to another level. When working out, people usually want to build muscle and burn fat, so they can see that new muscle. Well, kettlebells do both while dumbbells will just build muscle and then require you do do some other aerobic activity after. Because of the aerobic movements and weight of the kettlebell, it will offer both fat burning aerobic activity as well as building mass.

    • You are right to be cautious! It is easy to injure yourself with a kettlebell. However, if you slowly work into these exercises you will not have to worry about injury with swinging movements. Eventually your body will develop the power and balance necessary and your confidence and comfort with the weight will grow…much like riding a bike. When you start out you are unsure and wobbly, but in no time your racing and standing on the bike pedals…and maybe even riding with no hands. It will be the same way with the kettlebell!!!

  7. I’ve been learning a lot about kettlebells lately, mostly because I want to ensure my body is always in “shock” mode rather than getting familiar with my workout routine and getting into a plateau.

    I like the Kettlebell Push Up and Kettlebell Swing. I’ll be using these techniques 3x a week. Is this enough, or should I do more/less?


    • You have the right mindset for avoiding the plateau. I never focus on an area more than three times a week. If I am building my upper body with weights, I will do it 3x a week, and the next day would be lower body or just aerobic activity. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday would be upper body, and Tuesday and Thursday would be lower body or aerobic stuff. Weekends are for rest, but I do recommend stretching. In fact stretching a lot is always everyday of course. Kettlebells will work both upper and lower body so I would make your Tuesday and Thursday just aerobic/cardio. Obviously, if your job or life puts you in a different weekly schedule, just adjust those days to fit that pattern. Cheers!

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