Jumping Rope For Weight-Loss

Jumping Rope For Weight-Loss

Jumping rope is easily one of the most underestimated workout routines when it comes to weight-loss. What makes Jumping Rope For Weight-Loss so great is this simple exercise will burn calories real fast, and the fat will just melt off your body. When I jump rope I like to think of every landing of my jump just shaking off the fat like a dog shaking water off its fur. With a solid jump rope workout, it would take over an 8 mile run to match the calorie burn you just received from 5-10 minutes of jumping rope. This high intensity interval workout will burn the calories long after your done. If you are a beginner to jumping rope, you may want to start at a slightly slower pace on my Jump Rope Workout For Beginners post. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise routine.

Figure 8

Duration: 15-20 seconds

Here is your resting stage. As the starting move it will trigger your muscles to fire up and start to get the blood and circulation going. Later in your routine, it will allow time to rest while still keeping your arms and body moving. After each exercise, you will rest with the Figure 8 for 15-20 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. Do the Figure 8 by swinging the rope to your left side and then your right, and then complete with a basic bounce before going into another side-to-side swing again. Below is a small video to help you get the motion right. You control the speed and intensity of this resting stage. You can go faster or slower based on your needs.

Fast Basic Bounce

Duration: 60 Seconds

The Basic Bound or Single Bounce is the first jump you need to master before doing any real jump rope routine. This she be child’s play by now. I can do a basic bounce at a nice slow pace forever, but for the sake of weight-loss we are going to increase the intensity. You should be going at a faster pace at almost two skips per second. This gets your heart rate to increase at a quick but steady pace which we need to trigger the body to go into fat burning mode! Below is a video on the basic bounce. Then do your Figure 8’s and move on!

High Knee Switchfoot

Duration: 30 Seconds

The High Knee Switchfoot or Alternating Foot is great for working your core and thighs. It will also stretch those lungs as well. Just switch your foot each time before you jump as though you were jogging in place. Raise your knee to hip level each time. If you are comfortable even after 30 seconds, you can add another 30 seconds and next time maybe do it faster! Do your Figure 8’s and move on!

Quick Switchfoot

Duration: 60 Seconds

It’s time to get the blood really pumping! The Quick Switchfoot is like the High Knee Switchfoot, but instead of raising your knees to hip level you will only raise the feet enough to let the rope skip through. The focus in this one is speed. You should be  able to do three skips per second. Below is the motion on what it looks like…aim for faster. Do your Figure 8’s and move on.


Duration: 60 Seconds

The Criss-Cross is going to be essential in working our full body and not just the legs or the arms. The Criss-Cross will work the legs, arms, core, and heart. You will have the fat melting right off the body. The faster the better! Do your Figure 8’s and move on!

Double Unders

Duration: Goal 60 Seconds or Max

Time to end this, and we are going out like an asteroid burning in the Earth’s atmosphere! Double Unders are super intense, and you are going to feel your lungs and arms scream for mercy as you tear through this one. Go to Max and if not 60 seconds, work your way up to it over time. Do not feel bad if you only get 10 in, the bigger picture is that you max out. If you have trouble with Double Unders, remember, it’s all in the wrists. Do your Figure 8’s and your done!

You Did It!

All done! You’ve slayed the beast, you’ve won the race…you have just finished a workout routine that will have you melting fat and getting that beach body or toned physique in no time. This is only a 6 minute workout, so you should have no trouble doing this daily which will bring best results. I do not recommend going over 6 minutes on any jump rope routine. Be sure to do a little stretch and get those kinks out! I recommend checking out my Post Run Stretches post for ironing out those knotted muscles! This would be also a great time to down your Protein Shakes or Juice Drinks as well!



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