Jumping Rope For Beginners

Jumping Rope For Beginners

Jumping rope isn’t easy for beginners if you don’t know what you are doing. I wasn’t always great at jumping rope at first, but for a 4-year-old you couldn’t hold that against me. After I got the hang of it, jumping rope had always came naturally to me in every new routine I’ve learned. I grew up around girl cousins in a huge family and was often the only boy in a group. For this reason, by the age of six I could double dutch better than any of the girls in my class, and grades up for that matter. My friends always would haze me, but in gym when we had to jump rope, I liked looking like a pro rather than looking like two cinder blocks were tied to my feet. Though jumping rope is easy for people who have done it forever, for those who never kept it going or ever tried, it’s hard getting into jumping rope. In the beginning you are going to mess up a lot. It may even feel silly for a time, but believe me it will be short lived. Once you get the hang of it, it actually can become fun, and it’s awesome high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Follow along in this post and you’ll be jumping like a champ fast!

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Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most inexpensive workouts you can do and you can do it almost anywhere. All you need to start is a good pair of shoes, and of course, a quality jump rope. You will see fat burning on a whole new level when jumping rope. A solid jump rope routine can burn as much as 1,300 calories per hour and your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout is done. It is a full body workout that will fire up all your muscles. You can increase the muscle building and cardio results by increasing the weight and/or intensity. Research also has shown that by jumping rope you are using the two hemispheres of the brain to operate your body, therefore enhancing your mental sharpness and alertness. Oh yeah, and you’ll feel great and look great too…especially when you get into cross-overs and double unders.

How To Start Jumping Rope

Swing The Rope

With the rope behind you and the handles in each hand, just swing your arms  in a circular motion. Go from their natural hanging position, to behind your back, over your head, to the front of your body, and back down to your side. Obviously this will cause the rope to fly over your head and to the front of your feet. Then swing back the other direction putting the rope back behind your feet again. Do this several time until you are comfortable.

Jump Over The Rope

Now that you have swinging down, once the rope hits your feet skip over it while hopping off form on your tipping toes and landing on the balls of your feet…not the heel. You may also chose to jump over it with both feet together in the same way which ever is comfortable. Once completed, do it again, and again, and….you get it!

Anticipate The Jump

Now you got the swing motion and the jumping motion. You now can attempt a jump without worrying about looking like drunk monkey. When the rope comes around now, jump over it before it hits your foot, and if comfortable, bring it around again and again. See how many jumps you can get it at a time before getting caught up. If you are moving around by skipping or being a little off balance it’s okay.

You’re Jumping Rope

Congrats! You are jumping rope. Now perfect your form and jump like a pro. As you get more comfortable try to focus on standing straight and staying in one spot while bouncing. Don’t bring your arms around in the circular motion as much, but instead, tighten them up and use your wrist and forearms minimally to whip the rope across. Just bounce enough to let the rope make it past your feet. Increase speed as you go and try to keep going until you mess it up. Below is a great overview video that will show and go over a lot of the things mentioned along with how it should all look. Any questions, insight, or victories…please feel free to comment below!


  1. Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories. I hadn’t used a jump rope since I was like 13 and was surprised when I picked one up and was able to jump rope as good as I did when I was a kid. I love adding it to my workout. Your video is great and I am so glad you have created this post for beginners. I recommend jump rope for anyone who can do it. Thanks for the great post!

    • You’re welcome! Jumping rope really is like riding a bike. I didn’t do it for a couple years once and started a jump rope routine. I remember being really sore. I forgot all the muscles it uses!

  2. It’s been years since I used a jump rope, and reading your first paragraph brought back memories of when I first started out with my friends.

    I didn’t realize there were so many options available and I will check them out. I like how many calories we can burn per hour, and also enjoyed the video tips!



    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I remember when jumping rope was like the common game all kids play. I never see kids jumping rope anymore. There are tons of variations, and that is what my next posts will focus a little on. Thanks!!!

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