Jump Rope Workout For Beginners

Jump Rope Workout For Beginners

You got the basics to jumping rope down right!? If not check out my post Jump Rope For Beginners. Now it’s time to get a routine going with my Jump Rope Workout For Beginners. The routine I have put together will make you get into shape quick and have you jumping like a pro that knows what they are doing. You will fire up all of your muscles and get some nice high-intensity interval training time as well. Some of these moves are going to take time and practice at first, but they are the basic moves any serious jump roper can do.

The Double Bounce

You cannot get easier than this one. It is very simple. Just bounce twice before each jump over the jump rope. This is a nice pace to relax to and slow things down a bit when you get really into the heavy jump rope workouts. You will find that this speed and rhythm also leaves room for all sorts of different skipping moves that you can learn later down the road. For now start with 1 minute and rest for 10 seconds or move onto the next workout.

The Basic Bounce

The basic bounce is just your traditional one bounce over the rope move. You simply continuously hop over the rope at a faster pace that the double bounce so that it’s like you are just continuing to jump one bounce after the other. You can increase the intensity of this workout by increasing the speed. Do this workout for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds or move on to the next workout.

Single Leg Jump

At whatever bouncing pace you want, jump on one foot repetitively for an extended period of time, then you switch to the other foot. This will greatly enhance both agility and strength in the legs. You will feel the burn on this one, but you will run faster and jump higher. Do 30 seconds on each foot and then rest 10 seconds or move on to the next workout.

The Switchfoot

This is often called “alternating foot” but I have affectionately called this one “The Switchfoot.” This exercise, much like the double bounce, can be used to rest or slow down the pace when moving onto the next workout. Do for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds or move onto the next workout.


Timing and balance is everything for this one. This exercise will really get your arms involved and will stretch your lungs. Mastering this workout will also open the doors to learning so many other neat tricks and workouts with jump rope. Do this for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds or move onto the last workout.

Double Under

Time to blow those lungs up and finish the routine with a huge kick in the rear. Make no mistake this one will do you in. I like to finish this one with a full max until you can do no more. Keep doing those double unders until you can’t no more. If you can do five in a row your on your way to AWESOME!

That’s It!

Congratulations on finishing a great beginner routine of jump rope that will strengthen your jump roping abilities as well as your body. This can be a great daily cardio routine. If it’s a lot to take at first, every other day will work well until you can get your body ready for a more rigorous routine. Feel free to to comment below as your feedback and questions are always welcome.




  1. Cool! Looks exhausting but fun. How much is one of such ropes or can I just use anything? I mean like, do they come in different weights or lengths?

    Thanks buddy

    • Price is really depending on what you are looking for. You can get a simple jump rope for under $10. However, it may not work as nice and get you all the workouts you could do with a rope that is more expensive. They can come in different weights and I will be have a post out soon no the different ropes and one on review of some of the top ones in the market, so stay tuned!!!

  2. I like that you show all the different techniques to jumping rope. Alot of people don’t realize the benefits of doing exercises like these.

    • I agree! I can read descriptions all day, but I need to see it. I know a ton of people are the same way to I try to bring this to you! It’s true that even these simple basic steps will bring huge results!

  3. Hey Bruce! Great follow up post to your Jump Rope For Beginners article. Very helpful indeed. I can follow you up to “The Switchfoot”, but I never ever managed to get that Crisscross done properly. I remember that even in school I had problems with it that I could never get fixed. Is there a secret that I’ve been missing all that time?


    • Hey I struggled with that one too! No shame!!! On the downswing, I just swing my arms across as far as I can, and at the same time I am making sure my wrists are continuing that momentum of the ropes swing, because my arms cannot do it like a traditional swing of the rope. It’s really all in the wrist! I hope this helps!!!

  4. I love these workout! I haven’t jumped rope in awhile, but I remember loving it as a child. I’ll have to start incorporating some of these workouts into my own workout routine.

    • Go for it! Jumping rope is a great finish to a routine. There are so many other great easy to do moves. If you would like more, let me know!

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