Is Juicing Better Than Blending?

Is Juicing Better Than Blending

Juicing has shown to be one of the most effective ways to cleanse the body from toxins and deliver huge results. Whether you are setting to transform your body into a healthy machine or a skinnier one, juicing has proven it’s place in the health arena. With such a powerful presence in this market, then why is there still a large number of nutritionists and health enthusiasts who swear against juicing and instead…Blend?! In this post I breakdown the pro’s and con’s to answer the question…Is Juicing Better Than Blending?

What Is Juicing?

Juicing is the process of taking whole fruits and veggies and putting them through a machine known as a Juicer. A juicer is an appliance that usually costs more than the typical blender, and is specially made to extract the watery juice substance within the produce that contains high concentrations of nutrients. Through this extraction the nutrients are not only easily absorbed into the body, but in much denser concentration. In this process, the fibers in these foods which are slower to digest, are discarded.

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The Pro’s of Juicing

By discarding the fibers, all that is left is easily digestible juice. This means that with the absence of the fibers your body can absorb and digest the nutrients with ease. In fact, those nutrients will be even more available in denser quantities than actually eating your fruits and veggies whole. If you are looking for fast results, this is the reason juicing provides it. This is also what makes juicing so desirable for those seeking to burn fat fast or Detox The Body. Also, if you have issues with processing fiber, or a sensitive digestive system, this is a hugely helpful benefit. Sounds great right?!…why go further? Well there is another side of this that many juicing experts don’t tell you.

The Con’s To Juicing

Juicing and taking away the fiber has its con’s. Though you are giving the express route for those dense nutrients into your body’s blood stream, you are missing out on a lot of other factors. The fiber that is discarded actually helps to slow down the digestive process and deliver nutrients steadily into your body as they are slower to breakdown with those nutrients inside. Therefore, juicing regimens which contain huge quantities of nutrients are also delivering the large amounts of sugar in these foods which can cause crazy spikes in your blood sugar levels. This usually leads to loss of energy, mood swings, difficulty focusing, and many other issues. You may feel great in the short run, but quickly you may notice a sudden drop. This is even more prevalent in juicing recipes containing large ratios of fruits. Also, because no fiber is present to be broken down, many people quickly feel hungry and do not stay full for very long. This can often lead to binge eating and other issues associated with hunger…like having your body go into starvation mode in which the body slows down its metabolism and begins to store food as fat. This is a process I explain further in my “Skinny Nut” page. This is why many people see only short-term results with juicing before things begin to reverse and eventually affect the body adversely.

What Is Blending?

Often times blending, or the process of making Smoothies, has been known for its high sugary ingredients and are also often used as mixed alcoholic beverages and desert drinks. However, there is a serious side to blending that is delivering amazing benefits to people all over the world. Blending is the process of taking the same whole foods used for juicing, and mixing them in a Blender with the fibers intact. In the end you have a thicker substance, but still in liquid form.

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The Pro’s To Blending

Blending leaves the fiber in the mix. This is actually an incredibly important difference. Though you are giving your body a digestive break with juicing, it is a short-term benefit only. Leaving in the fiber is important for proper digestion. There are a lot more benefits within the fiber as well. Back in 2012, a study was done that showed the fibers in whole fruits and veggies contained phytochemicals within the membranes. These are the big cancer-fighting antioxidant compounds found in many of these foods. By juicing your food you are discarding that part of the plant while blending them keeps them in the mix. Leaving in the fibers will also make the mix thicker and in turn keep you feeling fuller longer versus juicing. The fibers will take more time to break down than juicing as juicing has minimal traces of fiber.

The Con’s To Blending

There are con’s to blending as well. Blending requires prepping. If you are not patient, or have the time available to cut and prep your food, you will not enjoy blending much. However, it really is a small price to pay for the overall benefit of receiving a healthier you. The sugar spikes in the blends are not as crazy but still do exist. However, certain recipes do balance out the spikes over time which is actually the next benefit. Blending is a long-term deal with long lasting health benefits. While juicing is recommended often only for short-term because of the high sugar content and it leaving out the fiber for easier digestion and absorption making juicing not as beneficial over the long run.

Conclusion…You Decide

There is no argument that juicing or blending has huge health benefits. Based on the data, by being aware of the pro’s and con’s  of each you can receive great benefits from either. However, depending on what you are looking for in your dieting and health endeavors really is going to tell you how you will need to consume your fruits and veggies. If you are looking for a permanent, long-term change in your health and diet, then you want  to blend. If you are looking into getting instant gratification and a short-term program, than juicing will serve you best. Blending will not give your results as fast and will take a longer time for your body to transform, while juicing will give you quick results but the benefits will lessen over time and even possibly cause you to regress. If you would like to learn more about juicing and blending benefits check out my post The Health Benefits of Juicing.



  1. Hi,

    This is fantastic unbiased information
    I have done both juicing and smoothies over the years but your explanation here really gets into the nitty gritty of what each offers and what their doing within the body.

    Thank you for this


    • I tried to break it down so it is easy to understand in a much more detailed level, so it is good reading that it is working for my readers!!! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for your effort in breaking down what happens with juicing. I have been changing my diet over the past 3 months and was told to avoid juice, I have blindly followed the instruction but now I know the why. Well done good content, augment and clear and concise information.

  3. Wow, this is very exciting and informative article. I like to drink the juice, especially water melon with carrot. it’d be good if you have another article regarding to benefit of some specific fruits for our health. Thanks.

  4. I see no reason to forget the fiber as that is the way you would eat the regular fruit or vegetable. That is how I add fruit to my protein or other shakes. The average American doesn’t get enough fiber on a daily basis anyway so blending is a great way to ensure you get all the nutrients of the whole food! Thanks!

    • Too often people jump into a dieting trend without knowing all the facts. They just want instant results but don’t look at the whole picture. Fibers in the food are really important. Keep in mind there is a difference between fiber as a vitamin source and the fibers that are making up the foods we eat.

  5. This information is awesome! I knew there had to be a difference between juicing and blending but I really didn’t know. I am super excited to know now and it makes so much sense, especially with fasting. I appreciate the research and the product recommendations. The Ninja is a reasonable price compared to the super fancy high powered blenders I have seen. Again, thank you for shedding the light on the debate. It is so helpful to know. Thank you!!

    • You bet Kathleen! I agree, the super expensive blenders out on the market are great, but not when other blenders like the Ninja can outdo them for less!

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