How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercising

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Changing your diet is the most common way we try to lose weight next to exercise. The funny thing is out of all the nations in the world Americans exercise the most and are yet compared to the world we are in the worst shape. Specialists and researchers have since then attributed to our health issues with our diet. When we think of dieting, we think of weight loss and better health. When looking into weight loss, you can either not eat as much or you can eat foods focused on better nutrition that target weight loss…or do both. Often times either regimen can prove difficult let alone doing both. However, there is a simple change many people overlook. It can have a drastic effect on diet and health not just short-term, but long-term as well. The best part is, to start receiving the benefits from this change you can still enjoy the foods you like. However, if you are on a diet, this will drastically increase your results. Ready to find out?!

Slow It Down

Stop eating so fast! It’s so simple and should be the foundation to how we go about being healthy and dieting already right?! Yet, most people today do not practice it. Recent studies show that eating slower drastically decreases how much food you intake. When you begin to eat the clicker starts. It takes your body about 20 minutes to figure out if it’s had enough food. That leaves plenty of time for you to do a lot of damage. Not only that, but slower eating allows the nutrients in those foods to be absorbed better in the body, because by slowing it down you are chewing more and giving the body time to process the intake of food. Simply by doing this small change in your eating habit will help you lose weight, because you will automatically eat way less, and therefore, take in less calories. Being a fast eater also means that even if you are eating a fat shredding diet…you can be missing huge results simply because your body isn’t even getting all the nutrients from the food you are eating…and if your diet is making you eat some bad tasting stuff…well that really SUCKS!!! Here are other ways slowing it down can benefit you…


Food Tastes Better

By scarfing down our food while driving or just in a hurry your mouth does not have the time to absorb as much flavor. Those taste buds need time to react to what your eating and your saliva helps the taste buds do their work. If you eat too fast your saliva can’t do it’s part and your taste buds don’t react as much. If you slow it down, you will find that the food you are eating is even better. Your mind is also able to process the flavors because it is focused on what you are eating and not the million things on your mind when you are in a hurry or preoccupied on the road.


Better Digestion

With the enhancement of your taste buds and the chewing process, you will also benefit with better digestion. Your saliva breaking down food in the chewing process will not only enhance flavor absorption, but also break down your food for easy digestion. Also, by taking your time your food can properly manage what you are dropping into your body. This all leads to better absorption of nutrients and proper digestion.

Stress Less

Taking the time off of life and focusing on your eating can be a real mental break from the stresses of life. Being by your own is fine, but to share in conversation with a friend, family, and/or group can really add to that relief of stress. Having a partner or group with you can also help in slowing down your speed of eating as well.



Start The Change

So how do we fix how we eat and start benefiting from the benefits of eating slower? Here are some great tips…

Don’t eat Fast Food, eat Slow Food at a restaurant or bring your own meals with you.

Decided on fast food?…eat inside or park the car.

Eat with a friend, family or group.

Take smaller bites…it forces you to slow it down and food will be easier to digest.

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  1. I agree with this – “Start the Change”.

    I think if you could sum this up, to lose weight without dieting or exercising would be to change your lifestyle fo a better and healthier one. This would require educating yourself with the appropriate foods to eat during each meal.

    Also, I would include being patient about the weight loss – it will not happen overnight!

    • Glad you liked it! On the matter of being patient about weight loss I agree! You should read my Skinny Nut page! However, for someone who has a good healthy metabolism…burning fat and losing weight can be super easy. I have lost 5-10 lbs a week with some of the fat burning routines I’ve participated in. The ones who really struggle are those who have neglected their routines for a long time and/or never really have lived a healthy lifestyle. They need to get into a program that not only jump starts their muscles into fat burning mode, but they need to spark their metabolisms as well. That’s where my side links come into play with great programs for doing that. Cheers!!!

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