How To Get Rid Of Plantar Fasciitis Permanently

How To Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis Permanently

Years ago I took on a job in sales that required me to stand at a booth in a major retail store and offer products. The hours were long and I worked all week, but it paid the bills. I was awesome at it, but I hated how sore my feet were after standing in dress shoes all day long. The job ended up being short lived, but the damage to my feet wasn’t. I noticed I had a lump that was very sore and tender when touched. However, it was like there was a bead under my skin. After time the soreness left, but the bead was still there. I was later to find out that I had a minor case of plantar fasciitis. The doctor offered management options, but concluded that if I really wanted to get rid of it I would need surgery. I thought it a bit evasive, so I sought a second opinion and I was glad I did. I soon found out How To Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis Permanently.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis

The Mayo Clinic describes plantar fasciitis as an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia). This inflammation will bring a sharp pain. You will most likely notice this pain more extreme during the first days steps or getting up and walking after resting for a time. Standing for a long time will also put stress on the bottom of the foot and therefore aggravate your plantar fasciitis.

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Treatments For Plantar Fasciitis

As the video above shows, there are ways to treat your plantar fasciitis. I will say they do work to ease the pain. My doctor had a mat with tennis balls I could use, but I quickly supplemented them with a cold soda can from the fridge as shown in the video above. You will want to be sure to lie down and roll the ball or can under your leg below the calf muscle as well. I feel, however, in the long term the insoles were the biggest difference for me. However, the inflammation was still there…just under control. It is important to note that many treatments can also aggravate the inflammation and cause more damage.

Cure Plantar Fasciitis Permanently

Experts have been doing it all wrong. Treating plantar fasciitis is great, but will not heal it and only does what it says…treats. It also causes more irritation at the cost of instant gratification. If you really want to cure this irritating condition, you have to forget everything you know and massage the tendons and muscles on the upper part of your toes and foot. Instead of a lengthy description, I have found a great video by a expert named Dr. Eric Berg who explains it perfectly. If you have any questions or information to add, please feel free to comment below!



  1. This is a great article. I know you can write a little bit more. There are videos on youtube with M.D.’s explaining the structure of the foot and how foot injuries can cause problems all the way up to your shoulders. I could be wrong again, anyways great blog and i believe that this is very helpful. Would you recommend medicine?

    • Well you can use medicine to keep inflammation down and get some relief over time, however it really is pointless. After all, these treatments in my post will be way more effective and gratifying than any medicine you introduce into your system. I recommend saving the money and go the natural route.

  2. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation. Anything that relieves inflammation is going to help. These stretching techniques will help relieve it. The ketogenic diet is good at helping to reduce inflammation in the body as well.

    • Relieving inflammation is great, but curing it is even better which is why I think this post is so important. That is a great point to add Melinda, your diet can play an important role on relieving pain and inflammation in the body as well! Thanks!

  3. I do get this pain on the heel, as I have to stand for a few hours at a stretch too, being a teacher. And I didn’t even know there is a name for this. Thank you for the informative post! Will certainly try out stretching the toes downward like described in the video, never occurred to me to do this before! Thank you!

    • I never thought to do it myself years back when I had it, so don’t feel bad. That is what makes technology in communication so great today! We can find these things out and share valuable information that helps one another! Cheers!

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