How To Build Bigger Arms-The Health Nut Way

How To Build Bigger Arms

Are you struggling with getting bigger arms or have you reached a plateau? There is no magic to building up your arms let alone your body. If you keep at it eventually you will get to where you need to be. However, some roads and techniques will get you there faster with bigger gains in less time. Believe it or not there are some very popular arm exercises that do not bring the results you would think they would bring. Also, many builders practice extremely poor pre and post workout routines. Before I show you how to get bigger arms with some key exercises that are sure to get you the results you’re looking for, I will first fill you in on the worst mistakes you can make along with the key practices to getting better results before and after your workout.

The Mistakes

Quit The Curls And Extensions

These exercises are for those who already got their arms built up, and are maintaining with isolation exercises that only target specific parts of the arms. The only people doing these other than these types, are either beginners that don’t know any better, or poorly informed trainers and builders. If you want to pass up these guys fast, and make them wonder your secret, stop these exercises immediately. 

Overdoing The Arms

Many beginners and even experienced builders looking to get bigger arms fail to realize that arms are very small muscles despite what many think. Be mindful of the exercises you are doing. Realize that if your are bending your arms or holding bars, you are using your arms indirectly to do that exercise which can then be overworking them. You should be working your arms at least two but no more than three times a week. Then let them rest. Remember, muscles grow when in rest mode.

Ignoring Other Muscles

Many people focus solely on the arms and do nothing to keep up with the other parts of the body.  This can actually risk injury along with making you look kind of funny. Ever see that guy with a huge chest and legs for arms, but then when you look down all you see are little chicken legs…yeah!!!

Increase The Food Intake

When you eat, your body turns that food into muscle. You want more muscle, you need more food…it’s as simple as that. Rule of thumb is to multiply your body weight by twenty. I am 6’6″ and 250lbs. Therefore, if I wanted to gain more muscle once I’ve reached all I can get with my current diet, I would need to eat 5,000 calories on workout days in order to maintain a larger build. Of course on rest days I you would want to take it easy and eat lighter. Note: if you are not seeing the results you may want to increase the calorie intake by 10% at a time.


Check out my next post Get Bigger Arms Fast where I will reveal the exercises that will trigger those muscles to grow faster and stronger than those wasting hours curling away and getting a fraction of the results. 


  1. Hi Bruce,

    What’s the best way to increase calorie intake? I mean, given a normal diet of 3 meals per day, would you suggest bigger meals or more meals? I hear of actors who beef up while stuffing themselves with proteins. It would be great if you can suggest some foods you are taking to get to that 5000 calorie mark.

    • 5,000 calories is not easy for anyone, nor is it cheap. Big guys really have to work hard to eat enough and this is also where supplementation helps! More meals over bigger meals ideally will give you optimal gains, is easier on digestion, and better for overall health. I recommend snacks in between meals. These are usually something you take with you in your pocket or backpack like raisins, trail mix, fruits, etc.. If you are on a hardcore regimen to build muscle, good carbs are what you really want to load up on along with protein. Pasta is cheap but not the best source. I personally enjoy eating brown rice with my meals which is an awesome source of carbs. Don’t be afraid of potatoes either! Veggies are also a great carb source and broccoli is loaded with protein. I look into a post for you on the details of that diet! Thanks!!!

  2. Great post Bruce,

    I am guilty of just doing curls for my arms. I am 6ft 5 and 102 KG’s so I know where you are coming from. My biceps are ok but not big by any means.

    Do you do bi’s and tri’s the same day?

    I look forward to your next post and hopefully will get my arms looking a little more pumped. Cheers,


    • You can work bi’s and tri’s the same day because you are targeting different muscles. The exercises in my next post will be great because they work all of your arms as well as other areas like shoulders, back, and chest which gives you an awesome all around build as your arms grow!

  3. Although I have passed the age of body building, I read your article with great interest as it was something that I used to do in my days.

    Thanks for sharing Bruce and I look forward to reading more of your awesome articles.

    John ツ

    • Thanks John! You are never to old to get into shape and bulk up. I saw Jeffry S. Life, MD, PhD on an episode of Dr. Oz. If there was a beacon of light to show anybody they can have the body of a greek god at any age it’s Dr. Life. Click Here for his site! Hope this inspires you! Age truly is just a number!!!

  4. I have been doing intermittent fasting for a year now and even though I gained muscle mass I could not get bigger arm muscles. Do you think should I stop this diet-style? Even though I increased my calorie intake my arms seem to stay at the same size.

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