Foods That Burn Fat Fast – Are You Missing Out?

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

It’s no mystery, if you want to lose weight, you need to change your diet. You can spend hours at the gym lifting weights and jogging on the treds, but if you are not eating right, all you are is a sore body of strong muscle wrapped up in a mattress of fat. In this post we are focusing on Foods That Burn Fat Fast. Many of these items you may be ignoring or never new were so powerful for shredding that fat off your body. Stop missing out on these key items that will target fat burning, curb your hunger, and make you healthier than any weight loss program will.


Foods That Burn Fat Fast

This one is a no-brainer for fat loss. Water should be your best friend that never leaves your side if you want to start burning up that fat. Research reveals that just by drinking 2 cups of water you can boost your metabolic rate by 30%. If you drank 2 glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily for a year, you would burn around 5lbs of body fat alone. We’re not talking water weight, we are talking about dropping pure unwanted FAT! Just imagine if you increase your intake of water beyond that!!! Your ultimate daily goal should be half your body weight in ounces to get the best results when it comes to water intake. Just be sure to watch out for those easy to fall for additives and enhancers. Many of them are loaded with extra junk that have reverse affects to the results you think your getting. Check out my “Drink More Water” section on my Skinny Nut page to learn more about burning fat and water intake.


Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Oatmeal is an awesome source for destroying fat. Not only is it affordable, but it comes loaded with tons of nutrients…more specifically…carbs and fiber. Our bodies need a good source of energy to burn fat, and the good carbs you get from oatmeal will do just that. The fiber in oatmeal brings improved digestion for your body, and a nice slow burn to curb that appetite until lunch or snack time. It is also extremely versatile as well, allowing you to add other great foods to magnify the nutritional benefit of your oatmeal such as blueberries, bananas, nuts, etc.. But beware…it can be tempting to add ingredients like cream and sugar which can take away the nutritional value. Also, stay away from instant oatmeal as it is loaded with some bad additives and the nutrition drastically declines from that of traditional oatmeal oats. Keep it old fashioned, and if possible, steel-cut oats will get you the most results. If you can’t stand oatmeal made with water, use 1% milk, or a milk substitute like unsweetened almond milk instead. Some nutritional secrets to increase the fact burning qualities of oatmeal are to add two egg whites when you cook it. The eggs contain high quality protein to increase the burning. Also, you can add chai or flax seeds to enhance the fiber content as well. For best results, try to eat a serving of oatmeal 3 times a week.

Almonds and Walnuts

Foods That Burn Fat FastFoods That Burn Fat Fast

All nuts are great and contain trace sources of nutrients, but some come with other unwanted things. Almonds and Walnuts however, are loaded with nutrients and are two of the best options for you in the nut category. When considering burning fat, almonds are packed with mono-unsaturated fat which will satisfy your appetite and help you to not over-eat. It also has dietary fiber which will not only bring great digestion, but also contribute to that feeling full sensation after eating only a handful. This makes for a great snack choice at mid-day or when you have cravings. Walnuts are a rich source of omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid, and just one ounce will bring about 3g of omega-3 fat burning power. Both of these nuts are a great combo and can even add them to other fat burning foods like oatmeal and salads to magnify your all-on assault on fat.

Beans and Legumes

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Beans are a powerful weight-loss super food. Among all the other benefits beans deliver to your health, regular bean eaters have been known to have smaller waistlines and lower their risk of obesity by 22%. Much of this is due to the huge concentration of fiber in every bean. With every gram of fiber we eat in our diet, we eliminate seven calories. Your average cup of beans will pack a punch of 15 grams of fiber which is already 60% of the recommended daily minimum. Do the math, and you have some fat incinerating results. What’s also great is today there are so many great recipes to enjoy your beans with. You can make the traditional chili or other bean recipes, but another neat trick is to use bean flour like garbanzo or fava beans in your baking recipe which will enhance the fat burning benefits on some of your healthy treats…and the naughty ones too.

Spinach and Green Veggies

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Spinach and Green Veggies are arguably the most impactful source to weight-loss on the list. When consuming your greens, you will be burning more calories than you are taking in, and they will also keep you fuller longer which will keep you from going into binge mode. Not to mention, some veggies, like broccoli, are nutrient rich in protein as well for you weight lifters out there. When you think of Spinach and Green Veggies you may feel yourself feeling the need to roll your eyes and want to skip over that category. After all, these are probably the most unpopular and unwanted foods in many dishes, and yet, every diet plan includes those leafy greens. However you view this one, trust when I say, the benefits of these greens far outweigh the cons. Not only are greens fat burning nuclear bombs of mass destruction, if you make this a main part of your diet, there is an endless list of healthy bodily benefits in the cancer, cholesterol, and heart health arena. Also, you don’t have to eat a plain bowl of broccoli or spinach like a cow or rabbit like some may think. Instead, add them as an ingredient to your favorite shake or smoothie mix…or make a fun salad. I often enjoy a good serving of spinach along with each bite of my chicken. Try sautéing some kale over extra virgin olive oil for a really yummy charred tasting crispy snack. There are so many more fun tasting secrets out there to utilize if you are ready to discover.

Wild Salmon

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

I LOVE red meat! I think many people would agree. However, too much of anything can kill you, and red meat is no exception to the rule. There are a lot of great benefits to eating a good steak, however, when it comes to weight-loss you are going to get WAY better results switching your red meat portion for Salmon. We are talking the wild caught version, not the cheaper-fatty-low nutrition-farm variety. Many fear salmon due to its high calories and fat content, but don’t let this deter you. Fish in general contain more proteins than carbs, and the body burns more calories when digesting protein than it does carbs. It just so happens salmon is LOADED with protein making it a great fat burning meat, and with the calorie level you will get a nice long burn that your body will feel satisfied off of for a while which means no binge later! The fat in salmon is full of omega 3 fats which are actually great for losing weight and healthy for your heart and body. Not only is the fat in salmon a good fat source, studies show that those who had approx. 5-ounces of salmon a week for four weeks in a low-calorie diet lost 2.2lbs more than those not eating salmon in the same low-calorie diet. If you increase that amount to three times a week, there is a potential to magnify that result. Recommended portions are 3-5-ounces.

Now you know some of the best foods to focus on in order to increase your metabolic rate and start burning fat fast. However, there are a lot more foods out there with powerful fat burning abilities along with a lot of easy recipes to enjoy them with. You could make every meal and snack a fat burning powerhouse. If you would like to dig further and discover more foods and some great fat burning recipes as well, then look no further!!!


Foods That Burn Fat Fast


  1. Great post! I definitely need to increase my daily water intake, so thank you for the reminder of some of the many benefits to doing so.

    I am also really happy to see that, minus the Salmon (ick.) that all other foods you have listed here are things I enjoy eating. I was always that weird kid who loved nuts and vegetables growing up, so I’m glad I never grew out of it!

    Adding more of things like beans, broccoli and spinach to my diet will be easy, especially now that I know all these extra benefits to them. There are lots of tasty ways to include so many of these things into recipes you already love, but I will have to check out the recipes you have recommended here as well.

    Thanks for the great information!

    • I was not that kid that ate veggies much, so good for you. It wasn’t till I got older when my palet matured and I began to explore better options and discover how delicious veggies could be! Meat isn’t for everyone, and I guess salmon is no exception. I live in a fishing town so I always have had a wide range of fish…I guess I never had a choice to dislike a good salmon filet! Cheers!

  2. I agree with your list of food items. As a part of my new year’s resolution, I wanted to be healthier which includes exercising more and watching what I eat. I have a question though; I try to incorporate blueberries and nuts in my cereal and oatmeal, but I was told that nuts are high in fat content. Is there a limit to how much walnuts I should eat? If I add them to my breakfast should I not snack on almonds throughout the day? Also, from my experience, adding cinnamon and nutmeg to my oatmeal makes it taste much better and cinnamon is good for burning fat too. Just wanted to share that.

    • Nuts are loaded in fat but it is monosaturated fat full of omega-3 fatty acid which is actually known to lower blood pressure and chloresteral, help the heart, balance insulin levels, and also they are loaded with protein…so eat all the aonds and walnuts you desire…unless you have a nut allergy…tgat wouldn’t be cool! Cinnamon with oatmeal is an awesome and healthy idea!!!

  3. Great List Bruce, I was not aware that beans and legumes also helps in loosing weight. I will increase their quantity in my diet now and also increase the water intake.

    • Really neither is going to do you wrong. I would say any color bean will give you a ton of nutrients and qualifies to be in the best foods that burn fat category!!!

  4. This is quite informative, I didn’t know that oats were that nutritious, though I enjoy with bananas.What do you think about peanuts, are they good for burning fat? I ask because I love them.

    • Those peanuts are actually loaded with biotin which is a great source of energy and food for your think-tank. Furthermore, they are still packed with monounsaturated fats which is the good fat, so have at it and enjoy!!!

  5. The water one surprised me the most. Just by drinking two cups over periods of time can literally slide pounds off the body. Wow that’s impressive I’m about to go drink 4 haha.

    • Totally! Water is great in so many ways above and beyond burning fat. Surprisingly, nobody drinks enough of it. However, if you do, the benefits are immediate!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your article. It’s very informative. I didn’t know nuts and legumes can help with weight loss. I will make sure to incorporate the foods you mentioned to my every diet. It’s good to know that drinking water can help lose weight. Especially it’s inexpensive and available to everyone. Thank you for sharing.

    • It’s not too surprising to hear. After all, through much of our younger days we were warned about how fattening nuts and beans were, and it’s fair to say we jumped the gun a little bit before really breaking down the other variables that come into play. Water is the simplest and healthiest thing we can do to improve our health immediately. By drinking your required amount of daily water intake, you can begin to feel the results within the day!

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