Flat Belly Fix Review

Flat Belly Fix Review

Name: Flat Belly Fix

Creator: Todd Lamb

Website: theflatbellyfix.com

Price: $37 (60-Day Money-Back Guarantee)


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If you have ever read my Skinny Nut page and other posts on weight-loss, you will quickly learn that exercise is such a small piece of the equation when it comes to burning fast and losing weight. Your weight-loss goals are almost solely wrapped around your diet and how you are eating.

You can exercise for hours and still not see physical results in weight-loss. However, if you change your diet and stick to it, you can transform in just a couple weeks. Throw in a decent exercise routine geared toward triggering your body into fat burning mode and you will be a fat burning power house. That is what Flat Belly Fix is all about, and this is my Flat Belly Fix Review.

Flat Belly Fix, Overview

Flat Belly Fix is a unique system that was created by Todd Lamb to attack weight loss on a level that even stubborn belly fat will just melt away. His program is so effective that he advertises your belly fat will be completely eliminated within 21 days.

Gimmicky programs either make unrealistic goals that most cannot achieve or goals way too easy and no results are seen. This program is not one of those gimmicks, and was created to be easy and completely achievable, however it will take work to get there.

What makes the program so easy is the little time needed to invest into it in order to get results. The complete program comes in three parts that if followed, will have you in a new body in under just a month. Want to here more?!

Who Is Todd LambFlat Belly Fix Review

So many programs now-a-days have the typical celebrity or guru who claim to have the secret to weight loss. The interesting thing is Todd Lamb is none of these.

What Todd bring to the table is the experience of being a veteran SWAT team leader who spent over 17 years in law enforcement and a military background as well.  His career wasn’t selling fitness programs or being known as a fitness guru, but he had to be in optimal condition his entire career as it could me life or death in some pretty rough situations.

His own extensive personal knowledge and experience is what has kept him in top shape for years. He now shares his proven and extremely effective process with you.

How Does Flat Belly Fix Work

This isn’t some program that sets the bar so high that very few can make it. Nor is it super expensive. It is completely doable and super inexpensive. The program will test you, but it’s nothing you cannot do. The best part is the short time needed to devote to the program. I can tell you 21 days goes by quickly.

It’s a three component program:

  • The 21-Day System
  • 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol
  • Smoothie Recipe Guide

The 21-Day SystemFlat Belly Fix Review Gives you everything you need to know about the entire program and how it works. It gets down into information on nutrition, your health, and fitness. If you really want to transform yourself in 21-Days you have to read and follow this cause it’s going to give you the keys to achieving that goal.

You will learn about when to eat, how to eat, all about triglycerides, proportioning, the human anatomy, and so much more. You will understand and know more than any guru or celebrity out there when it comes to health and burning fat.

The 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol This is where the exercise comes into play. Todd realizes that exercise isn’t everything, but it is a crucial component to burning fat when done right. Many of the types of exercises you’ll be doing are isometric holds, tension systems, and a lot more. The focus really is in how your exercises will be working the fibers in your muscle and firing them up.

Results have proven to be amazing, and it only takes 7-minutes in your day to do them. There is a protocol for each day of the week, but through the program you can chose which one you do. Don’t let all of this fool you though…you will be tested and feel the burn in that 7-minute protocol.

You will get detailed instruction with pictures and videos on how to do each motion properly along how long to do each movement, how many reps, and rest periods between sets…you can’t go wrong!

Smoothie Recipe Guide Probably my favorite part of the program. I love food and I LOOOVE smoothies. You are going to learn a ton about nutrition and utilize old ingredients and recipes used since ancient day that have proven fat burning properties.

Many of the ingredients will utilize traditional things like wild berries, milk, etc. However, you will also be using chocolate, avocadoes, and nuts…WHAAaat?!

Diet is EVERYTHING when it comes to burning fat and weight-loss. These recipes are so simple to make, and your pretty much allowed to continue on with your regular diet, however, by utilizing the nutritional advice and dieting taught in the 21-Day, you can increase results you get from just utilizing the smoothies.


The affordability of the program is the real benefit to all of this. People can easily drop hundreds into a program like this and not even get results like Flat Belly Fix can. Therefore, for the price of only $37 with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee you can’t go wrong and you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Bottom Line

Todd Lamb is an unknown in the fitness arena, but probably not for long. He is truly legit, and is sharing a proven and effective way to burn fat and even hit that stubborn belly area. To do it in such an easy program that works with even the busiest of lifestyles, it is a much more realistic program for achieving goals as well.

The Flat Belly Fix is totally affordable, easy to do, and only requires 7-minutes of workout time. There really isn’t a program in the world that can make it this easy and be this effective. To get huge results in 21-Days on a product that gives you a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee you would be crazy not to do this and give it a shot. You literally have nothing to lose on that. If you are serious about losing belly fat and dropping the weight…THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!


Flat Belly Fix ReviewFlat Belly Fix ReviewFlat Belly Fix Review

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    • Yep…and these are legit people who went through the program. It helps you realize that this is truly for regular people, and really anyone can benefit from this!!!

  1. I always get scared when looking at weight loss or get in shape programs, but this one seems legit. The cost is affordable, and the fact that Todd allows you to get a refund in that amount of time proves he believes in what he is teaching and his customers do too! The before and after pics are legit without the photoshop you tend to see on TV. Great Article!

    • I couldn’t say it better. Thanks Andrew! I have also done crazy programs thinking I’m going to get MAD results and then realize very soon that this program is waaaaay to intense or out of my league. Yet, they promote it to people out of shape as if they have a chance at even finishing a workout. That’s why I love this system and believe in it. Todd is doing it right!!!

  2. Thank you for the information. I really enjoy fitness and may need to try this out! The before and after pictures are great, love how it shows real results!

    • I think a lot of review sites make it cheesy sometimes with the before and afters. However, I also was impressed with the photos as you are, and I just felt I had to add them to this review for everyone to see. Thanks!!!

  3. Wow, this is an amazing review of this product. But people who are serious about it need to know that it takes work and effort to get it done as with anything. This seems to be one of the fastest ways to see results just sticking to the program and patient and the result will start showing up Great review.

  4. Agreed Fred and thanks for your take! Though the system is attainable…that 7-minute protocol makes you earn it! However, I’ve done programs that run for 40 minutes like this, and it is ridiculous to think an average Joe is expected to a workout like that and stick to the program let alone finish the workout. The real focus is the diet…this I think will have the biggest impact!

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