Do Sit-Ups Really Work?

Do Sit-Ups Really Work

Ever see an ad showing washboard abs stating a revolutionary new program, piece of equipment, or exercise that promises huge results in just weeks? I think it would be impossible not to now-a-days! However, if you understood the logic behind fat in the body and really what it takes to get rid of it, you know the truth to the question “Do Sit-Ups Really Work?” In my earlier years, I myself have fallen for many of these types of adds. I’ve tried numerous things only to be extremely disappointed with minimal results if any. If you have been thinking of getting into a product or program that promises such things, than read this first before wasting your time and money!!!

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Fat In The Body

In the days of old, fat in our bodies was an essential need for human survival. Our bodies stored excess fat for emergency supply in times of famine to survive. In some areas of the the world that suffer from poverty and food shortages, this still reigns true. However, in America and most of the world, this is no longer an issue for our bodies in today’s society. That still does not change the reality that the body has no way of knowing this. We are nowhere near as active as we once were. To top it off, food is readily available and comes loaded with carbs, sugars, and fat. When the body receives this food in excess, it doesn’t counter in that you do not work as much, and it stores what’s left as fat anyway. The catch-22 is the poorer food we are eating does not give the body the nutrition it needs, and causes you to eat more to get that satisfaction your body is looking for. Therefore, you can see how this vicious cycle creates the problem of obesity. Now that we know how we get fat, lets read what our body can do about it.

How Fat Is Burned

There is more than one way to burn fat. As we move about and increase activity, our heart rate increases and the body and muscles work to perform the needed tasks. This requires energy, and the body gets that energy with the fuel created by burning fat cells. This burning of fat cells is measured in calories which are units of energy. However, the issue is the body doesn’t burn nearly enough calories with our daily workouts to even burn off one meal let alone the 2-3 others we may have throughout the day. To learn about this more, you can read my post Does Exercise Help Lose Weight. The other problem we face, and often times don’t realize, is when the body burns fat it burns it throughout the entire body and not just in one area. Your body is either in fat burning mode or not, and when it’s burning, it’s burning it everywhere. Therefore, when so-called experts advertise an exercise that will target fat in one area, they are deceiving you to make some money. They know that this is a high target area that you, and many other people, are willing to pour out lots of money in the hopes it works.

Do Sit-Ups Burn Fat

With all this said, I bring it back to the question of this post…Do Sit-Ups Burn Fat? The answer…OF COURSE sit-ups can burn fat. It is after all an activity that requires work. However, because it only fires up one specific area, it doesn’t put the body into full fat burning mode which brings minimal results. In short, sit-ups are a complete waste of time if burning fat and showing off your future six-pack is what your aiming for. Where sit-ups benefit in the six-pack arena is they will build them up. However, unless you do something to lean-up and eliminate the fatty layer over them, you will never see the washboard that lies beneath.

The Bottom Line

Sit-ups are not the cure to your chubby belly and love handles. No magic exercise or machine is going to bring you the abs on those well paid model’s photographs. Sit-ups will burn calories but not be the one exercise to bring you abs. Abs come with a solid diet set up to burn the stored fat in your body. To know more about this process you can read my Skinny Nut page, or get into closer detail with my post Does Exercise Help Lose Weight. If you want to start a great diet designed to reverse the fat caused by a poor diet or over-eating Click Here! and learn how to get extreme results the right way!


  1. Hey Bruce!
    So I recently lost 12 lbs..and I’m really excited and motivated to lose an extra 12 lbs. I’m on an eating program with a nutritionist and that’s also going well. My current exercise: walking at least 4 times per week for about 1.5 hours. And biking (which honestly I still have got to get used too, especially my ass!) every other day for half an hour. I’ve heard weights is the like one of the best ways to burn fat. I just don’t know where, to begin with, this. Any suggestions?

    • Lol…I know what you are talking about with the bike! Good for you though, that sounds like a great routine. Weights are the poorest way to burn fat. Building mass is only good things like muscles, strong immune system, great heart, etc.. Burning fat is not exactly the top benefit in that category. In fat exercise can be an inhibitor to burning fat and losing weight! Don’t get confused between building muscle and leaning up. This is why all the experts and people selling you stuff will sell a diet plan as well! Even the trainer at the gym will set you up with their dietitian or a have a pre-made diet program for you to lose weight. They know that the most of your fat burn is through a healthy diet triggered for weight-loss. The working out part is for building muscle so you look great when you lean up, and…well…for money!!! Good luck with the program and congrats on 12lbs!!! You are off to an awesome start!

    • I totally agree that it can build you muscles in that one specific area which I do mention in this post. If you check out the video in this post you will see that you would need to workout out a LOT more than just sit-ups to even make up for just one of your meals of the day. For this reason sit-ups for weight loss is…well…a loss.

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