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The Truth About Cellulite Joey Atlas Review

You wake up and go to the bathroom and look at that person you see in the mirror. You do your daily examination and notice a cottage cheesy looking area around your butt and/or thighs…WHAAaaat?! At a closer look you realize it not lines from laying in bed…it looks like cellulite!!! How’d that get there you wonder? You work out, you don’t eat a lot, and your not old…what’s going on?

So you start Googling Cellulite Treatments That Work. You buy the creams, you make laser treatment appointments, you increase your workout routine, eat less and more veggies. You completely turn your life upside down in hopes of trying to end this thing. The worst part is, after all this, nothing really is working and you have less in your bank for it!

Let’s face it…cellulite SUCKS!!! The worst thing is if you are reading this post, you most likely have some or a lot yourself. By now you may have done a little research or talked to some friends and think you know a thing or two, but I’m hear to set the record straight. I will explain exactly whats going on on those areas and the Cellulite Treatments That Work to get rid of it for good!!!

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Truth About Cellulite

Why Do I Have Cellulite?

So Why Do I Have Cellulite? Maybe, it’s because you are fat, perhaps you feel its from age, or possibly you actually are healthy, eat healthy, and have no idea how you could possibly be getting it? What ever side you are coming from know this…cellulite does not come from fat, old age, and it is not a skin problem.

These main misconceptions are probably the lies about cellulite that have so many wasting tons of money and making so called “experts” and clinics a fortune off of things that just don’t work.

We know that it’s not from your fat, so extreme dieting will not fix it. Rest assured, not just any workout can fix it either. Some people actually make it worse thinking by just working out, everything will just go away.

Cellulite can hit anyone at any age depending on the situation, so young or old does not matter. Finally, because of it being in no way a skin condition…all those expensive creams, body wrapping, skin brushing, and other treatments you are paying a ton of money for are not going to work. Not to mention those laser and carboxytherapy treatments are said to be quite painful if you haven’t gone that route already.

The problem with cellulite is it is not a fat or skin problem…it’s a MUSCLE problem. This is why none of those treatments work, and I will explain why exercise won’t necessarily work either. Let me first explain exactly how cellulite occurs in the body.

What Causes Cellulite

For whatever reason, many clinical websites and professionals only give a very vague definition of cellulite and often connect its occurrence with the skin and fat cells. This is not completely true as the problem in these areas is more of a results from the creation of cellulite and not what is actually causing it.

Cellulite is the pitted orange peel look on the skin that is a result of weak muscle fibers allowing fat to poke through the dermis. This is exactly what is causing that unsightly cottage cheese sitting on your thighs, butt, tummy and other areas.

The term cellulite actually originated in the fashion and beauty industry years ago in Europe as a term simply to identify the unsightly development on the skin. The health industry has done very little in researching and understanding this condition. However they seem to have no problem approving treatments on a condition they (as an industry) know very little about.

Two key things are what are bringing on your cellulite. It can be one or both of these things. The first thing is performing incorrect exercises that only target one area of the muscles but are not targeting others.

The other is atrophy which can also derive from the wrong exercises. Other than the wrong exercises, not using certain muscles in general weakens the fibers over time. That is of no surprise to anyone really. However, the long-term result of those muscles weakening will eventually bring on atrophy. There are other serious health conditions that can bring on the cellulite, but for most they are not the reason.

Cellulite Treatments That Work

-Diet A healthy diet is the first a good foundation. A low-carb diet such as a keto diet is the best way to start. It will lower your fat intake and if you are doing a keto diet, you will also be training your body to attack fat right away.

If you want a good keto cookbook to make the foods that will bring you those kind of fat blasting changes then click my review on The Bacon & Butter Ketogenic Cookbook. It will get you started on the right path and gives you over 150 recipes for free!!! You can also download it free on Amazon or purchase the book Here!

Exercise You need fire up and attack those muscle fibers in atrophy that are allowing this to happen. Not just any exercise will do this and the wrong ones will create more issues with cellulite. There is a 14 Day Perfect Booty Program that I have heard some good things about and it’s inexpensive.

However, if you are super serious about getting rid of cellulite and having the beach body you never had or used to have then check this one out. There is a man by the name of Joey Atlas who has created a full program geared to eliminating cellulite for good. What I like about Joey is he has studied the problem of cellulite hard and knows what he is talking about. You can see his video and CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!

Bottom Line

There are a ton of gimmicks out there when it comes to dealing with your cellulite. Be careful for the false promises and misinformation that is out there. It is possible to get rid of cellulite for good, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve painful and annoying treatments.

The cure to your condition is easy to fix and inexpensive. I have given you a couple of great options that should do it for you. I’d love to here any successes from them if you could. So throw out all those creams, brushes, rollers, and stop those expensive treatments. Take the information I have delivered to you and end that cellulite for good!


  1. Wow cellulite really is a monster
    Thanks for this wonderful exposure
    Personally I have always believed that a healthy diet/meal correctly combined is better than taking medicine…
    Please I want to know, Is it possible for a slim person to develop cellulite?

    • Thank you so much for that questions. YES!!! It is totally possible for a skinny person to get cellulite. Remember it is a muscle thing not a fat thing. So depending diet and activity, even a skinny person can get cellulite. Though common in women, men get it as well…we just have more muscle typically which helps in that arena. However, nobody is safe from getting cellulite.

  2. Great information. I was wrong about cellulite, as I am guessing a lot of people are misinformed as well.
    I have heard of the Keto diet, but it’s so hard to believe when it comes to taking pills-but it sounds like it will work. Have you actually tried it yourself? I am really curious about it now.

    • So many people have no idea what cellulite really is which is why I brought this post to everyone. Putting your body into ketosis is often the best thing you can do. Even diabetics benefit from it and sometimes people who have medical conditions find themselves no longer having those problems. With that said consult a doctor first if you have any medical conditions. There are no pills needed for a keto diet. I usually stay away from pills and vitamins and try to get my nutrition directly from my food which is what I would recommend to any healthy individual. I hope that clears up thing! Thanks!!!

  3. Hey Bruce,

    I never knew cellulite was a muscle problem caused by atrophy. I came here thinking it was caused by fat.

    I don’t have cellulite as such. I have quite a bit of belly fat that makes my stomach stick out. It looks stupid cause I’m skinny as well. Is there any chance the ketogenic diet will work for that too? And will I need to step up my workouts? (I do an hour in the gym, three times a week).

    • When it comes to your stomach you can do all the sit-ups in the world and that layer of fat will just laugh at you. When it comes down to it, our stomach is a direct reflection of what you eat. The keto diet is great for that…in fact it is probably the best thing for any fat issue.

  4. Thanks for this very informative post. It looks like the beauty industry has been milking us with solutions that will never solve the issue. Thanks for bringing this to light.
    The cookbook is amazing by the way!

    • Cool, glad you like the cookbook. I also found the recipes great and you can’t argue with free. However, I actually got the hard copy…still old school I guess!

  5. Really like the site good niche to be in lol great links good use of media. how does that work posting a video from YouTube are there any copy-write laws to avoid or do you need to affiliate with the program to use a video. I’m Curious because that is about where I’m at with my sit is figuring what’s a good video to link.

    • Sure, there is a great deal of training, learning, and time that goes into becoming an authority in a competitive niche market. However, there is nothing better to me than helping others on a topic I love and a lifestyle I’m already into. Youtube videos are easy, just right like and copy the “embed code.” Technically if you see that on the video, it is allowable to copy and past. If not, copyrights are protecting it. Cheers!!!

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