Best Time To Take Whey Protein


If you want huge gains and to grow farther beyond the body’s physical abilities that only a healthy diet can provide, you need supplementation. Arguably the best and most easily accessible supplement that is a must to any serious body builder is protein supplementation through whey protein powder. Many proteins can be better than others for a variety of different programs and needs. If not taking whey protein at the right time, your efforts and money could be wasted. I’m here to tell you the best time to take whey protein.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the longest and most studied supplements in the world. It is easily blended into liquids and other foods making it easy to add into any diet for massive jumps in protein intake. This key fact makes it widely used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts world wide. It also contains awesome nutritional ingredients known to balance depression, blood pressure, sugar levels and even treat symptoms of HIV and cancer. In its rawest form, it is the liquid part of milk that separates during the process of creating cheese. You can see whey when you look into a sour cream container and notice that watery liquid formed on the top. This once discarded and awful tasting part of the cheese making process has now become the super nutritious ingredient used by millions today. It goes through several steps in the process before becoming the sweet powder we add to our shakes and bars we eat. It is a milk byproduct which can make for digestive issues for those lactose intolerant, but for the most part it is easily digested. Whey is easily absorbed into the body, and is used up quickly by the body for damaged muscles that need protein to quickly repair and become bigger and stronger. For this very reason, there are specific peak time frames whey protein supplements need to be introduced into the body.

Pre Workout

Taking protein right before your workout has shown to be just as effective as taking it immediately after your workout. However, depending on your routine you may want to wait until post workout. For the reason being, if you are about to do a high intensity workout, nothing can ruin your workout more than drinking a milk byproduct sure to make you cramped and bloated! I take mine right before my workout when I’m lifting or am on a time crunch and need to leave quickly and do not have the time to prepare the shake.

Post Workout

This is probably the most commonly preferred time to have your whey protein supplement. The best results are no later than 30-40 minutes after your workout…the sooner the better. Your muscles are screaming for protein during this time and need to do some major repairs. Your muscles will receive what its looking for and the sugar can boost your energy from fatigue. Not to mention, it also is pretty refreshing! Keep in mind also that studies show continuing to take protein after a workout throughout the day will increase your gains as well.

Between Meals

Whey protein makes a great snack in between meal times…especially if you already have done a workout that day! Whey protein is quickly absorbed and only lasts for a few hours so the benefits do go away over time. There are proteins ideal for the long term such as Casein Protein. Casein burns slowly and is also slowly absorbed into the body. This is not ideal for pre or post workouts as it takes too long for the body to receive it. However, it can provide food for the muscles for the long term which makes it ideal as a meal replacement and/or a protein to consume before bed. For this reason, many smart body builders use whey and casein protein cohesively and take both throughout the day at the ideal times!

Make It Easy

There you have it. These are the best times to take your protein to fit your lifestyle and workout routine. There are all kinds of other protein products that can benefit you as well. I like to make things easy where I can. I personally used to have a hard time making sure I was taking the right protein at the right time. I had Whey for my workout schedule and could take some Casein protein over night. The toughest thing was making sure I had protein for my body both day and night and taking the time to prepare it all correctly. It was difficult, but luckily I finally found a product out there that does all of it. This simple supplement gives my body the best protein no matter what time. Not only can I use this protein for anytime of day and mix it with my favorite drinks, but it is also a tested and proven brand that will give me the most protein my body can get surpassing the best brands and 20% less the price. If you want to make it easy on yourself as well, check out Blue Star Nutriceutical’s Iso-Smooth Whey Protein Isolate protein powder. It has multiple different forms of protein that will make sure your muscles get the protein it needs immediately, in a higher concentration, as well as, protein for the long term! And it’s cheaper that some of the top brands that only offer whey.


  1. A man after my own heart! Haha I’ve been lifting for almost 10 years now and I can vouch for the information you gave. Protein synthesis is an interesting subject because there’s always debate on what the best time to take it is. From my experience, I’d say 30-40 minutes after a workout like you said is definitely the best time to take it. Do you think brand makes a difference? I’m curious.

    • Brands make a huge difference. Every brand has their own uniqueness in their mix. Some have more sugar, carbs, and other fillers. Some contain predigested proteins for quick absorption and good digestion, and others are completely natural from plant-based proteins and nutrients. I know a few brands are loaded with grams of protein, but yet ones with lesser grams contain higher concentration of percentage of proteins per serving that are of a much higher quality which goes to show that just because it has more protein does not mean it will get you better gains than the one with less. I can go on and on, but I am just touching the tip of the many things that go into the subject of protein supplementation. After 10 years I know you probably understand a lot of this, but thanks for bringing it up for others that can benefit from this understanding!!!

  2. Even though I have been lifting and working out for a long time, I have only ever taken whey protein after a workout. I always thought that was my only option, but taking it between meals and before a workout sounds good.

    I have a question though. For “maximum gains,” when would you recommend to take whey protein? With Winter coming on, I want to gain muscle. Thank you in advance and the wonderful information you provided.

  3. I haven’t heard of Blue Star Neutraceuticals before. I’m glad I found your page because I know someone who might be interested in using this protein supplement. Thanks, Bruce.

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