Best Post Baby Ab Exercises – Rebuilding The Damage

Okay, you did it. You have successfully built a human being in your belly and did what no man could ever do. Congratulations!!! However, now everything has changed. Once you were excited and happy to take pictures of that big beautiful belly, but now, you will do whatever you can to hide it. Are you ready to go back to the way it was before being pregnant?!….of course you are! Well here is the problem…in the process of bringing in that bundle of joy into the world you have obliterated all of your core muscles into pieces. You literally have “NOTHING” and you need to rebuild it all again. Luckily, I am providing the best post baby ab exercises to rebuild that foundation and get you back your pre-baby belly, or maybe even get you that belly you never had!


Note: These types of exercises should be the only exercises you do for the next 3 months or until a doctor says you can progress further. Depending on your delivery and physical health, you may need to consult a doctor before doing any exercise.


There are several different types of kegels out there that benefits your body in different ways. However, this type of kegel focuses on post baby belly. Kegels (kee-gulls) can be done immediately after getting back from the hospital pending any major issues. Kegels are the best and the most basic exercise for rebuilding the inner abdomen muscles. It is also often done wrong. In fact, experts say 99% of women who attempt to do kegels are doing it wrong. To make sure you are the 1% doing it right, follow these instructions and you will have nothing to worry about. I recommend the concept of “Zip, Squeeze, and Elevate.” The simple way of understanding how to do a kegel is first tightening your abdomen as though you were zipping up a tight pair of jeans while also squeezing your vaginal and rectal areas as though you were attempting to prevent peeing and farting at the same time. I know it sounds goofy but lets tell it like it is. Practice this combo until you are comfortable doing it all at once before doing the final part. When ready, zip and squeeze and then elevate your whole pelvic floor toward your chest and lungs. Take deep breaths and hold for 8 to 10 seconds and do not go more than a couple inches off the floor. After that slowly lower back down to the floor.  Realize that you are not doing a pelvic bridge which is our next exercise. This is only a little lift off the ground which should only be enough to get your buttocks off the ground. Do 3 second contractions 10 times, three different times during the day. You also want to do a 12 second contraction 10 times, three different times a day. DO NOT do them all at once, this would be way to much for you and could do you harm. Remember that currently you have nothing there. This is set up to lay the foundation needed to progress further.

Pelvic Bridge

The Pelvic Bridge is excellent for progressing those muscles and also bringing back some flexibility. Lay on the floor with your legs in the sit-up position with feet hip width apart, arms out, and hands palm side up.   Inhale and raise your pelvis off the ground while squeezing your buttocks until your mid and lower back form a straight bridge. Then exhale and slowly lower back to the floor. This is one rep. Begin by doing only 6 reps holding each bridge for 5 seconds. Make your goal 10 reps as you get stronger.

Heel Slides

Now we are going to stretch the muscles on top of your thigh and work your abs. You can do this in your bed, while laying on the couch, or floor. Lie down flat, legs together, arms out and hands palm side up. Slowly slide your right or left heel toward your butt while keeping your foot flat on the ground and continue to raise your knee and bring in your foot until it gets uncomfortable. This will be in the form of pressure inside your knee. Hold that spot for 6 seconds and then slowly slide your foot down until your leg is straight again. One left and one right make one rep. Do 2 to 4 reps several times throughout the day.

Towel Pulse

After 2 to 3 weeks you are ready for the next level. Continue to do the prior exercises, but add the towel pulse. Lie on your back in a sit-up position with knees bent. Put a towel around your shins just under your knees grabbing each end with your hands. Squeeze thighs together while pulling the ends of the towel. Breathe in and out as you pull in your abs and lift your shoulders. Hold that position continuously flexing and releasing your abs 10 times. Work up to the goal of 20.

As always if you have any questions or would like to add any incite and feedback, please do not hesitate to participate! All your questions and knowledgeable aid are welcome in all my posts!


  1. My wife had our first baby 8 months ago. When we were going through our Child-Birth class, our Bradley instructor actually gave some of these exercises as ways to help prepare your body for child birth before the child is even born! She also said that doing these exercises before the child is born, will help you recover your muscles after your child is born. Cool stuff, thanks for the post!

  2. Hey Bruce<

    Oh My Gosh! This is great information! Putting this into routine asap and will give an updated comment in a few weeks. Thank you for the tips!

    Thanks, Kellye

  3. I have never heard of Kegels before… I assumed you were talking about pelvic bridges but then I saw that was the second one listed. I like the way you describe how to do it, like holding in pee and farts at the same time lol. So what is the difference in the muscles or tissue targeted between bridges and kegels?

    • Kegels in this purpose are for specifically targeting the pelvic floor muscles only. These are muscles involved in handling anything from urinary continence, sexual functioning, birthing, etc. With that said technically everyone can benefit from kegels. A pelvic bridge works the pelvic floor, but will also work the thighs, butt, and lower back. It is great for anyone experiencing lower back pain. It is a more intense workout than just kegels. Maybe not noticeable enough for you or me, but for a mom who just destroyed her midsection and pushed out a baby, it can be intense. Thanks!!!

  4. Excellent exercises. These exercises will tone muscles in no time flat. The exercises were easy to understand and follow by the way.

  5. Great exercises for the abs. Make sure you include exercises for the back as well. This will keep your posture in check as the back muscles stabilize the ab muscles.

  6. What I love about these exercises is that they can be done at home, no need for special equipment nor going to the gym, no excuses, they are really simple and easy to practice, thanks that was useful!

  7. Nice exercise tips for the abs.
    My wife would love to do this and regain the “Once sexy abs before marriage””..LOL
    Keep on posting new informative tips.

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