The Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

The Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Let’s be honest…losing Belly Fat is hard! Many exercises may benefit parts of the body, but often fail to target the fat burning process in the abdominal area. Diets such as Juice Cleanses  and consuming Apple Cider Vinegar can definitely help in bringing on good health and speeding up your metabolism which will eventually eliminate that round belly, but if used with a few key exercises you can shred that stomach fat quickly and have a great body to boot. In this post we are going to look at The Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat.

Quality over Quantity

The key to these two exercises is never stopping. If you find yourself breaking or losing form, you’re done. These exercises may seem easy, but it is definitely no walk in the park. The goal is to do 15 reps of each exercise. Once completing the set of 15, then you do it again at 14, then 13, and so on and so forth…until reaching 1. Again, the goal in this exercise is not stopping and perfect form. If you find yourself unable to do 15 down to 1, that is totally okay! You may find that starting at 8 or 5 may suit you better until you make it further in your fitness. You can also take a breather and do it all over again. When doing this workout, you will find that you get excellent cardio, you can feel those muscles pumping, and you will also continue to burn calories far after the workout is done much like running can do. However, unlike running, these exercises will target and pinpoint key areas much better than running.

Kettlebell/Dumbell Swing

Stand over the kettelbell and spread your legs a little over shoulder width apart. Crouch down bending your knees and pick up the kettlebell with both arms straight. With the kettlebell between your legs swing the kettlebell up to chest height with your arms straight. Be sure to tighten your glutes and thrusting your hips forward to propel the kettlebell up. Let the kettlebell fall naturally back down between your legs. Use the force from the upswing of the kettlebell to help as you thrust forward with your hips and tighten your glutes again. During this exercise, be sure to face forward and keep your back from doing all the work. It should be your hips and glutes creating most of the lift. Repeat until you have achieved your number of reps and then proceed immediately to the next exercise.


Again, standing with feet slightly shoulder-width apart, bending with your hips and knees, squat down placing your hands to the ground. Kick both feet out behind you into a push-up position. Do a push-up and kick your feet back into your original squat down position. Instead of just standing up, explode straight into the air reaching up into the sky. That is one rep. Repeat until you have achieved your number of reps and then repeat the set of two exercises again. Remember to go from one exercise to the other with no breaks until you have reached one rep per exercise. I recommend doing this routine at least four times a week.

That’s It!!!

These two exercises will target more muscles than running could ever do, and you will be burning fat hours after the workout is finished. If you can stick to this routine, you will see impressive results in no time. If you want to speed up the effectiveness of the exercise, I recommend a Good Diet and Effective Supplementation.



  1. I hate burpees but they really do work to improve core strength. I had never thought of doing the backwards countdown for reps but that’s a great idea, I’ll have to give it a go next time I’m at the gym. The kettle bells intimidate me. I’ve never used one and I’m somewhat worried I’ll look like a fool haha..

    I think one of the most important things for getting a toned stomach is to cut back on carbs and sugar. It doesn’t matter how strong your abs are, if there’s a layer of fat over them, they’ll never be seen.

    • Thanks for the feedback Katie! I don’t blame you for not enjoying burpees…after all, if it was easy everyone would look amazing! You’re right on about the fat also. I struggled with that issue when I started getting into health and fitness years ago. You should read my” Skinny Nut” page which talks about that very thing!!! Here the link:

  2. Out of the two exercises I think the burpees are the most effective, depending on sets, reps etc. they pretty much work all muscles and promote better cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. I don’t use either that often in the gym, I’ve been going for a few years now and have moved on to other things, but a complete beginner I think they’re perfect.

    One thing though, I would lay the explanation of the exercises out in bullet points to make them easier to read and understand. But on the whole

    • Thanks for your feedback Lyle. I will look into bullet pointing those for easier viewing.  For building muscle mass, it is true that if all your doing is burpees, it will be good only until a certain point, because a person’s mass is only so big. After a while it stops having as much of a effect to building mass, but keeps you tone and makes for great cardio. This post is more for those who want to be lean and burn fat! With that all said, I know many bodybuilders who use burpees as their exercise of choice for cardio and building tone lean muscle! It’s fast so it won’t overwork the body and attack muscle for energy like other heavy cardio workouts can do, and as your body builds more mass you now have created more weight to use to make the burpees effective still. So don’t count them out of the mix just because you want more muscle!!! Your never too strong for burpees! Let me know if there is anything more you would like to know about health and fitness and again, thanks for the feedback!!!

    • Thanks Oleg, your thoughts and feedback are always welcome hear! I’m glad to hear you have found value in this. There will be more material like this on the way. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to give you a take on when it comes to health and fitness!

    • Thanks! They aren’t easy, but they bring such tremendous results! If you can master them, your body will already be great looking and you will feel faster and stronger than ever. I think even heavy body builders lose big time from the benefit of burpees being in their regimens!

  3. Whenever I do some burpees, I feel like my whole body are burning. I pretty sure it uses a lot of the muscles in my body. It was a great exercise. I actually lose weight from running. Last year I lost 7kg just on training for the year end marathon. I never tried kettlebell swinging. Probably I should try it next time. Thanks for the information.

  4. Great post! I need to do some of these exercises, but I have a rotator cuff injury, so my right shoulder does not function very well in many situations. What do you recommend for someone like me with limited mobility?

    • Depending where you are on your injury and your intentions going forward with increasing your strength and mobility after your injury will drastically affect how you would want to go about this. High interval workouts are made to target multiple muscles in on repetition. However, they are very intense when it comes to stress on the body and the muscles you are working. With a rotatory cuff injury, stress is something you do not want on the muscle until they are fully healed. In which case running is one of the exercises that are fantastic at burning calories and fat. It is harder on the joints, so if you are not a runner normally, you need to gradually get into it. I would recommend walks and then gradually getting into running by walking and running on your route in intervals until you get stronger and better. Ellipticals are great on your joints for getting into running without hurting your joints as well. The great thing about running is that it burns calories and fat far after you are done. However, for me, I would want to get over my injury and strengthen my arm again. I would focus on stretching that arm (A LOT) so when it is healed I would then start doing planks, and half push-ups by crossing my legs and putting my feet in the air when doing the push-up instead of going on my toes. Squats are totally doable so doing jump squats would work as well. I would then gradually get into doing the full burpee routine as my arm and muscles got strong enough to handle the stress. Also for the kettleball thrusts, I would start from a little light kettlebell or dumbbell and work my weight up over time. If you are looking at simply strengthening your arms and shoulder after the injury, there are some dumbbell exercises you can do slowly at light intervals and in order to increase the strength in your arms and shoulder if that is desired as well?!!! Would you like some of those?

  5. Burpees! I hate them D: but!!! I know how good they are to help you losing weight! I think that your post is awesome, I will include in my workout the dumbell swing. I have done it but I do not usually include it in my workout. Time to try it! Thank you 😀

    • You bet…they look easy, but alongside burpees they can be tougher than you think. If everyone loved burpees we would all be doing them and we would all look so amazing!!! The funny thing is that when you get used to doing them…you start to like them in a weird way?! I don’t know if that makes sense, but whatever! Thanks for sharing Javiera!!!

  6. I am a skinny guy but I have this “little bit” of belly fat that I have been trying to get rid off. I have been hitting the gym but mostly been doing a lot of running. Like what you have mentioned in your post, I am not seeing much of reduction on my “little bit” but stubborn belly fat.

    I will start doing those 2 exercises that you have recommended. I have done burpees before and gosh… it was such a torture, but I guess no pain no gain?

    • Hey Alex, I hear…burpees are tough. But when you get good at doing them, you feel awesome and you’ll look amazing. It lays a great foundation for you body to work off of…then if you want to put more muscle on and do the heavier stuff…you are ready!!! To get rid of that belly fat, try sprinting periodically during your run. When the run is over, if burpees are just too much, get a jump rope and go to town. I like to do an assortment of jumping styles, but I suggest at least two minutes. Let me know how it’s been going!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for the tips.

    I am not a “gym” person but I would really like a flat belly as it’s kind’a embarrassing to have my belly sticking out when I’m in my sitting position. I’ve tried burpees but I find it extremely difficult and exhausting so I resorted to sit ups and crunch, what do you think?

    • Everyone has their starting point. Burpees are an anaerobic workout which means high intensity. It is an advanced form of training which is why everyone dreads them…much like the high school gym when the coach blows the whistle and yells out to do “killers”! Sit-ups and crunches are great and better than not doing anything at all. They will strengthen your core which will help with other exercises and harden your tummy. However you need to target the fat that also pads your muscles and for that you will need more extreme measures to burn the fat. Check out my “Skinny Nut” page. In there it explains how to target fat. For someone not as advanced, a couple exercises that are great are jogging and jumping rope. After a good jog, just grab your rope and do 100-200 jumps. If you are awesome at it then go for more. If you can get into a daily routine with jogging and jumping rope alone, you will shred that troublesome tummy…and even notice results in two weeks!!! Thanks for the comment!

  8. Think I must be one of the few people that likes burpees. This exercise is a major way to burn fat–if done properly. It hits all the major muscle groups, and is a great cardio exercise. This is an intense workout, and it actually took me a while to like it.

    • I salute you Kay!!! So many people hate burpees…I love them. I want a challenge when I workout. If I’m not being challenged, I’m not getting faster and stronger! I remember when I started lifting weights years ago…I was in so much pain and it hurt so much. Now when I feel the pain and soreness I like it!!! It makes me want more, and burpees does the same thing after a while…you start to like it and embrace it!

  9. I love kettlebell swings. There is so much you can do with them. However, I see many people doing is incorrectly. It is not a move that is natural and most people try to squat too much. Thanks for sharing these exercises.

    • Thanks for you comment! Posture is one of the most important factors in getting results whether lifting weights or just going for a simple jog. Poor posture can hurt you by not giving you expected results, or worse, injure you and even cause permanent damage! I always recommend starting a new exercise routine slowly…kind of a less is more deal. It’s all about quality over quantity with these things. After all, you get what you put in. If you do lousy reps and quit often, you get lousy results and ness benefits from your workout.

  10. Great info! Thanks for this. Im slowly trying to get myself back into exercise..and my belly area is definitely one of the first places any extra weight goes to – so thats one of the areas i’m trying to target and tone up!

    • This routine will get you there faster than anything else. If you do a solid diet or a juice cleanse and implement this routine 3-4 days a week the fat will melt off your body in just weeks!!! Cheers!!!

  11. I could literally feel the soreness of my Glutes and hips from the kettleball swing exercise. I’m gonna have to try that next time I hit the gym. And good ol’ burpees… I have to be the only person on earth who actually enjoys them. Luckily for me my metabolism is still very high so I haven’t had to worry about have a big belly.

    You also mentioned “juice cleanses” help to speed up your metabolism, what exactly is a juice cleanse?

    • Juice cleanses can jump start your metabolism but unless you increase your activity it will only be a temporary change. If you change your diet the right way and are active, you will shred weight both on the outside and the calaries you will burn from the inside as well.

  12. I love these two exercises for burning fat but I am so frustrated with my post baby body. I can’t loose fat even though I am doing these exercises about four times a week. Its killing me! I am hoping that the results are just latent and coming later. Motherhood is exhausting enough as it is without killing myself 4 to 5 times a week.

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