Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Review

Ben Pakulski's MI40 Review

Name: MI40

Creator: Ben Pakulski


Price: $77 (40-Day Money-Back Guarantee)

Here it is! The real deal for all you bodybuilders out there. If you are looking to increase your gains and do it faster than the other guy, or even catch up and pass the other guy, YOU WANT THIS!!! So to make this decision easier, and to help you, I am making Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Review.

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Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Review, Overview

MI40 is a 40-day program that takes a different way at going about building huge powerful mass. It’s geared to multiply your gains in less time than body building the traditional way. You will be doing many traditional workouts and also some unique ones as well.

Ben tweaks how you execute your typical rep in a way that multiply results and targets key muscle areas. His program comes complete with coaching, videos, detailed pictures, calendar, supplementation and nutrition info and planning, everything you can think of basically! It’s more affordable than any program you will ever buy, and also comes with a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose! Learn more here!

Who Is Ben Pakulski?Ben Pakulski's MI40 Review

Ben graduated from the University of Western Ontario where he studied Kinesiology and Biomechanics, so muscle function and movement is his specialty.

For the last 20 years Ben has been seeking the latest cutting edge info form the worlds top doctors, coaches, trainers, and therapists and used all of these discovered knowledge and techniques on himself.

He is now a VERY successful, happy, healthy, motivated, professional bodybuilder, author, public speaker, nutrition coach, celebrity trainer, and success coach. How many trainers you’ve worked with can present list of experience like that?! And now he shares that experience with you.

Is MI40 For Anyone?

If you ask is MI40 For Anyone? The answer is NO…this is a program for advanced to highly skilled bodybuilders. At this stage you are no beginner and have already built some mass. Doing this program in a beginner phase is very dangerous and can easily cause injury.

This program is for a bodybuilder that has the developed strength and experience to feel and know their body, and already knows the workouts and motions that are going to be performed, so they will most likely have excellent form and less chance of injury.

What Is MI40?

The “MI” in MI40 stands for Mass Intentions which are done through utilizing a two part system of artificial torque and Neurological Overload Sets (NOS). I know its a lot of crazy terms, but believe me it has been working and the results are phenomenal. I will breakdown this two part system in just a second.

The 40 is a key number throughout the entire program that constantly appears. You will be doing 40 seconds to a complete set with 40 seconds of rest on 40 minutes workouts containing 40 exercises on a 40-day program…etc..

Mass Intentions Broken Down

Part 1 Essentially what you are doing is creating artificial torque by slowing things down and using your mind to zone in on what muscles you are firing up. For instance, in a normal bench you can push outwards on the bar with your hands while pulling and curling inward on the bar while pushing.

By firing up all these muscle in your rep you are building a lot more than what the other guy next to you is doing. Ben will show you how to do this and many more exercises in great detail through his videos.

Part 2 This part of the program is for creating optimal muscle stress and testosterone which will bring more muscle growth. This is done by revamping the old drop set technique by doing Neurological Overload Sets or a term Ben affectionately refers to as NOS.

If you have ever ended your workout feeling like you got more to give and didn’t put it all out there, then you are probably like 80-90 percent of lifters out there. That feeling is because neurological adjustment has set in, and your endocrine system is was not stimulated enough to produce extra testosterone and muscle growth. In which case your muscles are not challenged enough and stagnation sets in.

By performing NOS, which is a form of drop set with a tweek, you will push your muscles to complete failure triggering increased hormone levels and muscle growth. So save your money and throw out that testosterone supplement you’ve been taking and do it right. The best part is that with this two part technique Ben teaches you, people will be looking at your crazy gains wondering what steroid your taking…that is how effective this is on the body!!!

How Much Does MI40 Cost?

One of the great things about this program is when bringing on the questions How Much Does This Cost? It’s an honest and simple answer too. It’s retailed at $127, and that is still a steal considering to train with Ben Pakulski personally would cost $150 an hour. The online footage alone is a $1,050 value in the market.

However, this review has direct links to the program that will give you MI40’s entire 8 COMPONENT program for just $77. As if that isn’t good enough, if after 40 days you are not satisfied with the intense mass you’ve just gained or lack there of, you can have a full refund and keep the program FOR FREE! If YOU ARE SERIOUS about building serious mass…this is a STEAL!!! Start your order here!

What All Comes With MI40?

Ben Pakulski's MI40 Review

Component 1 The 40-Day MASS Intelligence Training Manual is the foundation to the program. It goes into great depth explaining the science behind the intensifier technique NOS and how to execute. This is the whole key to the program.

Component 2 The 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual teaches you Ben’s pantented The Three Phase Nutrition Plan. You will learn how to eat the right way to grow big and lean body mass fast!

Component 3 The 40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos delivers over 7-hours of coaching time with Ben in HD video. This component alone is a $1050 value as it would cost you $150 an hour to go through this training personally with Ben in Tampa, Florida.

You will also see world-class athletes like Figure Champs Emily Stirling and Bob Stirling, Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte, and TNA wrestler “The Freak” Rob Terry.

Component 4 The 40-Day MASS Proportions Exercise Execution Guide teaches you how to use 40 best-ever exercises  and categorize them into MASS Construction exercises and MASS Appeal Exercieses.

In short, you will learn how to get MAD GAINS by just tweaking how you normally do a lot of the exercises you do today, and some new ones you may not have ever done before.

Component 5 40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout lays out the game plan for you to follow.

Component 6 40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar lets you keep track of your goals and stay on the path of victory.

Component 7 The 40-Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol helps ensure you are maximizing your gains with proper supplementation.

Component 8 Size Secrets Audio Interrogation is an exclusive audio that reveals Ben’s secret strategies that have helped him produce the greatest gains. He understands that even as experienced as he is, there is always more to learn. He has worked with some of the smartest doctors, theapists, and trainers in the world, and all the secrets he has learned will be yours. Each one will unlock even more serious size!

The Bottom Line

Having Ben Pakulski as your personal trainer is the only way to top this program…it would also cost you thousands of dollars in the same 40-days to do it. Personally, I usually wouldn’t think there is anything better than an awesome personal trainer. However, personal trainers do not come with the experience, secrets, and proven results that Ben brings to the table.

His program and secrets deliver more than any program in the market, and considering the approximate $1300 you would need to purchase a program like this, it is also a steal at only $77. If you are serious about building serious mass and doing it in half the time, THIS IS IT!!!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My brother is so into body-building, and he’s going to love this info. I was looking for a gift for him and came across this, and I can’t wait to tell him. He is going to be excited. Thanks for the info!

    • I can think of no better gift to a bodybuilder. The best part is that a lot of bodybuilders do not even know about this program, so if he does get this, he will be turning heads like crazy…just have him remember my link when his buddies want to do what he’s doing! 😉

  2. Great review and a lot of value if compared to the price.
    Undoubtedly, a must have for advanced bodybuilders, and it is actually great that you mention that this is not for beginners. That is a very fair advice, as many would get excited and think they can become like Pakulski from zero, hurting themselves.
    Great article and recommendation!

    • Thank you for appreciating that. Unlike many review sites out there, I am not all about the money, and I try to promote and bring to the table good quality stuff out to my followers! The last thing I want is one of my followers getting injured because of me!!!

    • Well for speed you will not want this program. The more mass you put on, the heavier and slower you will become. However, if you want to be the tank on the team that it takes 5 guys hanging on you to bring you down or maybe you can just carry them to the try zone, then MI40 is the program for you!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing about Ben and his program! Wow! $77 that is a great price! I will have to share this with some of my body builder friends!
    Question, though, does this program work for women, too?

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