The Big Diabetes Lie

The Big Diabetes Lie

Having lived with a loved one with Type 2 diabetes, I can tell you that anyone who has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes, lives with a daily battle. Controlling insulin and sugar levels can be extremely difficult. You have to stick yourself in the finger every time to test blood. You have to avoid a lot of wonderful foods and beverages. Available restrooms are always on your mind. Hearing fades, eyes weaken, nerves deteriorate, skin gets infected, and you often times have to constantly  be medicated to maintain stable insulin levels. You even need to sometimes take medication to control the side effects of your prescribed medication.  There is also the heightened risk of kidney damage and/or heart disease which is commonly the reason for many of the symptoms just described. Having first-hand seen the painful struggle of someone with nerve damage from diabetes, I can tell you I don’t wish diabetes upon anyone! The intersting thing is, doctors and scientists haven’t really done much beyond the point of prolonging and treating the condition. Is there a way to fight back and win diabetes?…YES!!! In this post I expose The Big Diabetes Lie. Stop following the heard and for the first time, fight a winning battle!

One Big Lie

Not to intentionally sound too much like a conspiracy theorist, it is all One Big Lie. A not so well hidden agenda. I live life with the simple concept of “A + B needs to equal C.” If one of these variables is missing or not adding up…well…something is wrong. To me, the history and progression of diabetes (or lack there of), and the extremely slow progression of advancement in a cure does not make sense to me. However, what does make sense is why it is not.

A + B = C

Anti-diabetic prescriptions reached over $72 BILLION dollars in REVENUE in 2017…that is profits you guys! On top of that, each year those meds needed to save your life are getting more expensive without any upgrades in innovation or quality…they just raise the price! Pharmakeia, and the big money payouts for those in it’s bubble, continue to thrive on old information with no desire to eliminate the disease, but only to treat it. Their goal is to prolong life of those who are dependable on the meds they prescribe. These meds only treat and control the symptoms of the disease and were not manufactured to do anything to work towards reversing or eliminating the effects. When diagnosed with diabetes, we are told that this is a permanent condition and by taking meds regularly, living a strict diet, and keeping up with balanced insulin levels, we can hope to slow the effects. In the meantime, you spend a fortune forking over the money needed to pay for your so called permanent condition. So remember in everything in life, A + B = C. Why would doctors and the medical world one to cure an eliminate one of the biggest money makers in the industry?! Well, despite what doctors often tell everyone, diabetes is not an unbeatable, but controllable condition. You do not have to live life only treating diabetes in the hopes you slow the progression.

Their Is An Answer

Thankfully, There Is An Answer. Not long ago, a group of doctors that are truly loyal to the Hippocratic Oath all doctors pledge to in the beginning of their careers, have recently researched and created a proven program that will not only control the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, but completely reverse it. This program is so effective, even those diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes have seen reversed symptoms and positive results. Imagine the pain in your legs and feet going away, reversing the nerve damage in your limbs, your hearing and eyes improving, your insulin levels no longer jumping all over the place, no longer just treating a losing battle, and instead fighting a winning one! If you would like to know more about this program that is saving lives and giving diabetics a real way to fight back then click the link below and discover more!

Click Here and fight back!!!



  1. Good article.

    I’m with you on your thoughts about beating diabetes.

    I feel too often the medical community dooms us to a life of scarlet letters and untreatable diseases/disorders, but the reality is anything can be overcome with the proper mindset and right attitude.

    One small thing. When I clicked on the link at the bottom it took me to a page but briefly said the site was not valid. Maybe it’s a broken link?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for the comment Michael! It is frightening how many medical professionals their are that we trust who only follow the heard and say and do what they are told. Instead, they should be asking the question “WHY” and really educating themselves on the things they are prescribing and the diseases they are treating. Some people only want to do what is required of them, but thank God there are still those out there that want to go that extra mile who actually want to make the world a better place. I did check the links for you and they check in okay…you may want to check your search options for blocked settings or possibly compatibility issues. Cheers!!!

  2. Diabetes has to be able to be reversed and maybe this is the way to do it.
    I’m probably like most others with diabetes and am tired of testing sugar levels, being thirsty and going to the bathroom, not to mention taking medications and going to the doctor.
    I’m going to look into this diabetes lie because it seems it can help reverse diabetes. I’m all for that.
    Are there any guarantees?

  3. Hi, my mom has been a Type 2 diabetic patient for several years now and I am not comfortable with the fact that she’s taking so many medication on a daily basis. I have been reading on the internet that there are natural ways to cure this costly disease and I am hoping that you could point me to the right resource.

    However the link that you provide is not working on my end. Could you let me know the name/product so that I can do some research?

    Thank you very much.

    • Hello Cathy, thanks for your reply. I looked over the links on the page and they check out okay?! If you click herehopefully this works for you. If not that, then copy and paste in the address bar and it should work. It will tell you everything about “7 Steps To Health” and give you all the answers and research you are searching for. It wasn’t even that expensive for me so I purchased it thinking that to try something this successful and find out it didn’t work was not going to exactly put me in financial ruin. I was willing to try anything at the time and this was a home run! Cheers!!!

  4. Hey, Bruce!

    Of course there is that 72 billion of profit a year thing, however do consider also this.
    The traditional medicine, whatever it is that you want to cure, is only focused on treating symptoms of the disease. Be it colds, be it fewer, be it headaches. It’s never focused on the root problem.

    And the same it is with every single one of the hard core diseases that traditional medicine asserts to be a permanent condition, like depression, schizophrenia, dementia, diabetes and countless others. Again, the medication is only focused on treating the symptoms and not the problem. So, obviously, this approach can’t actually cure anyone. Just prolong the misery. And fund these big pharmaceutical companies.

    There, however, is a new, quite recently developed approach – functional medicine. And this trend of thinking gathers the most elite doctors that there are. This type of medicine focuses on treating the core problem of whatever disease one might have. And it has been highly successful in treating all kinds of diseases (and even conditions) that traditional medicine deems untreatable or permanent.

    Dementia, heart disease, depression, and, yes, also diabetes – to name a few.
    All I’m trying to say is that this program is probably based on functional medicine, therefore, it really is no wonder that it could successfully reverse diabetes.
    Thus, for anyone suffering this condition – try out this program, if it doesn’t work (cause I’m not affiliated with it in any way and don’t know the bits and pieces of it), seek out experts of functional medicine. And they will help you way more than just better your condition. They just might help you to get rid of it once and for all.

    Cheers! And have a great one!
    And I wish you people all the success in defeating diabetes. 🙂

    • I feel like this is an argument, but yet you are agreeing with me. It could be that you may not understand what my post is saying. I am totally on your side. Colds, depression, diabetes…theses are all illnesses that are being treated with traditional medicine. The group of doctors I mentioned at the end of the post are exactly the kind of doctors you are explaining who practice functional medicine. They have created a way to rid diabetes. These are the kind of doctors looking to cure things like cancer and the common cold. Glad you are on board and are aware of the problems in medicine today…Cheers!!!

  5. As someone who has not only helped family and friends reverse and cure themselves of type 2 diabetes, I also know first hand about the BIG LIE of western conventional medicine.

    Back in 2000 I had cancer, another HUGE money maker for the drug companies and cancer doctors. They quickly wanted to do chemo and radiation and I said NO. I will beat this the all-natural way. They thought I was nuts but within 8 months my cancer was gone.

    Just like with type 2 diabetes, when you approach the disease and go after what causes it instead of only treating the symptoms, your chances of a cure go up dramatically. I have no doubt whatsoever that this diabetic treatment program you are promoting will save many from diabetes.

    • Congrats on your WIN Robert!!! Yes, you are telling the truth and are proof of the misdirection of modern medicine today. My father had small-celled lung cancer and was given two weeks. He fought for four months on chemo. After, literally being destroyed physically he decided that he would try a diet created for fighting cancer. He figured it was better than the slow and shameful road he was on right now. Within a month he was getting an appetite, gaining weight, and breathing better! Until the doctors changed his blood meds which caused a massive heart attack! traditional medicine does it again!!!

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