Alternative Herbal Medicine

Alternative Herbal Medicine

Alternative Herbal Medicine is rooted to herbalism, and it is the creation and use of plants to produce natural remedies that treat and cure ailments and diseases big and small. It’s origins date back in ancient days. Alternative Herbal Medicine has even been mentioned and used in the Bible. If you don’t believe me, look up balsam in the Bible as an example.

These natural remedies and cures are what has inspired today’s modern pharmaceutic industry. However, with advances in synthesized drugs and chemicals combined with greed…the integrity, quality, and effectiveness of medicine today has taken a wrong turn and drifted away from its origins.

With that said, today’s Alternative Herbal Medicines and remedies are still showing to be more effective, longer lasting, and a healthier option than what pharmacies and doctors are prescribing today. However, the only people that know and are benefiting from Alternative Herbal Medicine are those that actively seek it out, or are herbalists themselves.

How Legit Is Alternative Herbal Medicines?Alternative Herbal Medicine

Well it’s no surprise that there were many herbal practices in ancient days that were more myth and legend than a proven remedy that worked. Some of these false or misguided uses are even practiced still today. However, that does not mean that all herbalism is a myth. If this was so, we wouldn’t have nearly the effective pharmaceuticals and medicines we have today. The key is knowing what really works and what is more of a placebo.

In order to know what works and what doesn’t, it is important to get your resources from well learned sources. For instance Claude Davis has over 30 years experience in studying and learning natural remedies for ailments with plants that can be found even in your own backyard.

His knowledge base derived through a Native American upbringing which is a long story in itself, but it is what sped up his journey through the art and practice of using Alternative Natural Medicines that work. He wrote a book “The Lost Book of Remedies” which is chalk full of natural ways to cure ailments and diseases. Check it out here.

Different Types of Alternative Herbal MedicineAlternative Herbal Medicine

Docotions are created by boiling or heating the plant which concentrate the essence of the plant which in turn increases its potency.

Tinctures are mixtures that are dissolved and diluted in alcohol to make an extract. Vinegar and glycerol have also been known to be used.

Herbal Creams & Salves a mixture of herbal infused oils thickened with a form of wax (often beeswax) that turns to solid form in room temperature.

Infusions are drink remedies and extracts prepared by soaking leaves of the plant or herb in liquid.

Infused Oil also known as macerated oil consists of a carrier oil that has been infused or macerated with one or more herbs. Through this it will contain properties from both the carrier oils and the herbs that were infused.

Ointments are an herbal oil used for exterior application much like a lotion. They can be for cosmetic or medicinal purpose.

Benefits of Alternative Herbal Medicine

The Benefits of Alternative Herbal Medicine are great. Herbal medicines are cheaper and literally can be found in your own backyard and wooded areas your city. Others can easily be purchased online or through a vendor. However depending on who you buy through, they can sometimes be costly. To combat this you can simply make your own. In any case, they will be much less expensive than any prescription.

They are a pure and healthy source. Many prescriptions and drugs used to treat medical diseases and ailments often are loaded with toxic additives. This attributes to he long list of side-affects you hear at the end of each add on the TV…which ironically involves you taking other toxic drugs to counteract those side-affects and so on and so forth.

Alternative Herbal medicine is completely natural to the body and very few people suffer side affects. Aside from some allergies, there is no worry. In fact, those with allergies have found their allergies lessening or even being cured from the use of Alternative Herbal Medicine.

Did I mention it’s CHEAP?! Yes, and not cheap in quality…just the price. If you can go into your backyard or a park and get a plant that can treat or cure a health condition you are suffering from…sure beats $10-to-HUNDREDS of dollars to do the same thing. Even a $30 essential oil that can heal your ailment is better than that alternative.

Cons To Alternative Herbal Medicine

As great as this all sounds, there are some Cons To Alternative Herbal Medicine. It may be natural, but it is still possible for someone to have a reaction to something they are allergic to. However, natural medicine has shown to decrease one’s allergies over time. There is also still the threat that Alternative Herbal Medicine can react to synthetic drugs and other prescribed medicines.

It would come as no surprise that a common reason for this is the poor regulation and research done by the drug administrations and other government agencies when it comes to Alternative Herbal Medicine. The most logical reason being, there isn’t really any money in them proving it effective.

All there tests and money over decades have been put into the research of synthetic drugs that have numerous fillers containing toxins and chemicals. As cynical as that sounds it’s true. Why would it be in there best interests to tell you that their drugs and medicines can be out-beat by a plant in your backyard.

Some of the real concerns in Alternative Herbal Medicine are cheap knock-offs which are basically low quality versions that do not come as natural as you think. For instance, some essential oils and extracts have been known to come from artificial sources and loaded with fillers. This is done so those brands can save money and produce more product for the money. If you find these products much cheaper than what the market typically sells them at, chances are your getting some lousy stuff.

To ensure you are getting a quality product, buy from a quality brand. For instance, in the essential oil market you would benefit from buying from brands like Young Living, DoTerra, or Mountain Rose Herbs. These brands also come with other health products as well.

The Bottom Line

Alternative Herbal Medicine works, there are little to no side effects, and are an inexpensive alternative. There is however a lot of bias feelings toward this market as there is a conflict of interest in the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies. Yet, thousands of years of natural medicine has proven its effectiveness, and even today we constantly see Alternative Herbal Medicine outdo even the most modern of medications synthetically created in labs.

If you are going to us Alternative Herbal Medicines, use natural high quality products. If you can’t get the source from your own yard or environment, be willing to invest a little money to ensure purity and quality. If you are taking other modern medicine, be sure to do your research to prevent any reactions. To get your start into learning more about natural remedies and Alternative Herbal Medicine, see my review page of The Lost Book of Remedies.


  1. What a great post. This is a must read for all. opioid problem I think more doctors should recommend this. Thank you so much for the great article.

    • To touch a little bit on that, one unmentioned benefit of Natural Alternative Medicines are that they are not addictive like the many other drugs that are often highly addictive as they are connected to addictive drugs like opioids. Glad you liked the article!

  2. I’m a big fan of alternative herbal medicine and try to treat health problems with natural cures where possible. So it was very interesting to read your information-packed article. It’s so true that there are too many low-quality products on the market claiming to be purely herb based but are in fact quite artificial. So you definitely have to be aware of that.
    I think it’s a good idea to grow your own herbs to make sure you have the best quality ingredient for your cures. Do you think anybody can do that or anybody can make their own natural remedies?

    • Totally, check out my recent post “The Lost Book of Remedies.” It not only gives you tons of plants to treat and cure ailments, it also shows how to make your very own garden!

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